Seyi Makinde Movement for Good Governance otherwise known as SMMFG has declared that the recent press statement credited to one Ayobami Adejumo who is said to be the Assistant Public Relations Officer of APC in Oyo state as false and a deliberate attempt to twist the truth.

We would not have replied the falsehood peddled by the Assistant PRO of a party that is synonymous with propaganda, lies and manipulations but for the purpose of posterity and to also put matters in the right perspective and for the sake of the people of Oyo state.

It sounds funny and at the same time infuriating that a party that their abysmal eight year reign in Oyo was filled with high-handedness, inhumane policies, derogatory words, brazen impunity and insubordination which are some of the reasons why the majority of the good people of Oyo state voted against them at the polls have the effrontery and guts to talk down and talk so less of Governor Seyi Makinde/PDP who has done more for Oyo state in 120 days than their Party did in 8 years. What an aberration!

The last administration of APC in Oyo state was a nightmare that many indigenes, resident and lovers of our state can’t wait to forget. It was a mal-administration, a monumental, governmental and democratic disgrace and a magnanimous failure to whatever good governance is called. We know that transparency, integrity, accountability are virtues that are lost and cannot be found in Oyo State APC and we are not surprised that they have come up with what they know how to do best – To Lie and Deceive the Electorates

It is highly imperative to make it succinctly clear that Engineer Seyi Makinde is not a garrulous, loose mouthed, no courtesy public official who go about throwing figures that are not real or true. Oyo state voted for him to serve them judiciously and bring them out of the quagmire that the APC government plunged them into. Every step Governor Seyi Makinde, fondly called GSM by his admirers has been characterized by his good heart and it reflects the good intentions He has for Oyo State.

It is popularly said that “Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge”. It becomes worse when assumptions are sounding assertive. It does not sound intelligent to assume and conclude on assumptions especially on matters of public interest. It is therefore very appalling that the assistant Public Relations Officer of APC in Oyo State concocted lies and untrue information based on his assumptions.

For the avoidance of doubt, the comprehensive details of every constitutionally required document or prerequisite for loans, disbursement, contracts and works are available with the relevant agencies, ministries and offices and unlike the very shady, deceptive, evasive and highly confusing administration of the immediate past government of the state, the GSM led administration will release the details to the public as at when due. Transparency, Integrity, Accountability and Sincerity which are big deals in APC comes easy for Governor Seyi Makinde.

The APC should be ashamed of the shame and disgrace they brought upon our state with their sub- standards contracts and works which is most times seriously inflated and padded, destruction of our strong value system and systematic but deliberate attempt to truncate the development, growth and enhancement of our state. They practically forgot that the motto for Oyo state is “The PACESETTING STATE”

We are glad that we have a governor who is working assiduously to return us to the summit and once again, after a very long time, Our State is getting international recognitions, recommendations and encouragement. GSM and His brilliant team of Executives are making us the model, toast and bride of other states and even opposition parties’ governors and leaders have appreciated the giant strides and innovative ways Governor Seyi Makinde is leading the state.

We want to enjoin APC in Oyo state to play opposition with truthfulness and constructiveness while they see to the remains of their already dead, never to rise again party. Oyo state citizens voted for a man that they believed and trusted in under a tested and trusted political umbrella, it is wisdom for APC and their uninspiring assistant public relations officer to face their opposition forever while PDP focuses on delivering the dividends of democracy to all and sundry.

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