Why Oyo ADC should have an Oke Ogun Candidate.


The crises rocking the Oyo ADC took a new dimension with the 13 aspirants, through a process alien to the party’s constitution selected a relatively unknown Dr. Nureni Adeniran as the preferred gubernatorial candidate of the party.

It will be recalled that some elders of the party had earlier chosen Senator Olufemi Lalenyin as their anointed candidate, a decision the other aspirants vehemently kicked against. it seems from all indications the party now has two choices to pick from. This is where many are hoping the National working committee will put its foot down, and do the needful, if the party must succeed in the coming elections.

However, I will like to draw the attention of the National working Committee of the Africa Democratic Congress to the need to pick a candidate outside of Ibadan. Picking a gubernatorial candidate from Oyo North is the most politically smart move at this time.

This is so because all other political parties have already chosen their candidates from Ibadan, and if ADC will chose from Oyo North then the election is as good as won. The electorates in Oke Ogun with its 10 local government, will be completely sold out to the party, if one of their own is considered, similarly those from Oyo and Ibarapa will also go the way of their compatriot from Oke Ogun. As they are all comrades demanding for a power shift in Oyo state.

Though Ibadan has majority votes, all other parties have chosen candidate from it and as such votes in Ibadan will be split between these various parties. Who ever must win will look to Oke Ogun for support. Inversely if a son of Oke Ogun were to be considered for the job, then the votes of Oke Ogun will be delivered enmass. So also will the party garner votes in Ogbomoso from the over 20 ℅ of none indegenes who are residents.

With the above in mind, it is therefore imperative for the party to chose a candidate from Oke Ogun, A man well expose and a philanthropist to the core. Who is familiar With the needs of the people in every nook and cranny of the state.

If the ADC is actually looking to wrest power from the ruling party in Oyo state, then a popular person from Oke – Ogun like Raufu Aderemi Olaniyan who is acceptable to Ibarapa, Oyo zones and majority of non indegens of Ibadan should be the ADC winning choice.

If the ADC should pick a candidate from Ibadan, it would seem that it has deliberately prepared the grounds for the ruling All Progressive Congress in the state, to coast to victory in the coming elections.

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