We Will Make Bisi Ilaka Ambition A Collective Responsibility – Comr. Badmus Tolulope A.

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We Will Make Bisi Ilaka Ambition A Collective Responsibility – Comr. Badmus Tolulope A.

As the election is drawing near, we are equally set to make Chief Oyebisi Ilaka ambition a collective responsibility, because Oyo central deserves the best, having suffered set backs from those redundant politicians, who in the time past secured Mandates for hallowed chamber just for the fun of it.

As a living testimony, I make bold to say that Oyo central decision on Ilaka will be the best one, his philanthropic work has been long dated, evidence are abound, I know numbers of indigent students who were sponsored under his ‘Anfani for All’ foundation during our days on campus, while I was serving as SUG President of Federal College of Education Special Oyo, that was over 12 years ago. I know of Associations that made him their financial Pillar, I know of many young leaders he has financially sponsored, if someone could have been doing those good things for such number of years, it shows he has a zeal for the service of humanity.

Oyebisi Ilaka is a solution to Oyo central infrastructural decadence, he is well equipped to take charge, he is not just a contestant, he is a man whose philanthropic act has touched many lives. Anfani for All is a house hold name, a foundation under which Ilaka was nick named husband of the widows, father of the downtrodden, and helper of the poor.

Ilaka, a man who has the love of the masses at heart, this time it is going to be a collective responsibility of everyone within our constituency to ensure we get it right this time, I am so optimistic the good vision of Luqman Oyebisi Ilaka for Oyo central senatorial district will come to reality this time.

2023 is going to be another time for the sons and daughters of Oyo central Senatorial district to take a decision that posterity would live to celebrate us for.

We shall collectively strive to work for him because Ilaka is a lover of the masses. Comr. Badmus Tolulope A

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