Seyi Makinde’s A Presidential Material For 2023 If PDP Zones Ticket To South – Oyo Senatorial Aspirant, Wale Ajani

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By Henry Odeh




Seyi Makinde’s A Presidential Material For 2023 If PDP Zones Ticket To South – Oyo Senatorial Aspirant, Wale Ajani




Former President of the National Youth Council of Nigeria and Oyo Central Senatorial aspirant, Wale Ajani, has said that Oyo state Governor, Seyi Makinde, is the strongest political material the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) can bank its hope of winning the 2023 Presidential.

The Oyo Central Senatorial hopeful disclosed this to Sunrisebulletin on Saturday January 29 during a phone conversation bothering on the chances of PDP being the main opposition party and the ongoing internal politics regarding zoning arrangement among the party’s bigwigs.

Ajani, who recently declared his intention to run for the Senate on the platform of the PDP come 2023 stressed that Makinde has everything to his advantage in term of strategic positioning for the number one office in Nigeria.

“Seyi Makinde can match any APC candidate from the entire southern part of Nigeria in the forthcoming general election. His records are there for all to see, they’re just too straight; academically, intellectually, politically, and age wise, He has no criminal record or controversy to his name, and most importantly, a family man to the core who is highly detribalized, youth friendly and savvy, you just have to give it to him.

“At my youthful age as you all know, I’ve been privileged to travel far and wide to different parts of the world and met with great leaders. Governor Makinde is just the face of the future of this country and you can take my words to the bank because we are now in a world where world leaders are doing serious talks based on science, logic, and data, not based on political sentiments.

“If you look critically at the array of politicians across both political divides, I mean PDP and the APC, particularly from the Southern part of Nigeria, you will agree with me that nobody has the political appeal that could dominate the national acceptance Governor Makinde currently enjoys and that’s because of his outstanding performance within just less than three years as a governor.

“Some people may even think what I’m saying is needless and unnecessary for now because of course, I understand we all want more of our father and leader who has performed what many thought was hitherto, impossible, especially now that 2023 is around the corner and Oyo state people are rooting for the governor’s second term but the fact is that Governor Makinde has everything Nigeria has been looking for in the next President of this country.

“If you want a president who will critically deal with issues, formulate policies and programs that will restore the nation’s glory including a government that encourages inclusive participation for all who have things to offer the nation regardless of their political affiliation, then look no further, the God sent man is already here with us in our own time.

“In my own opinion, I think the only obstacle between Governor Makinde and the presidency come 2023 is the outcome of whatever zoning arrangements is being put in place by our great party because of course, the whole world already know that Nigerians are eagerly waiting for the expiration of this present APC government for PDP to take over.” Ajani said.

Speaking on his chances of clinching the Oyo Central PDP Senatorial ticket, Ajani reiterated that politics is a game that must be played without desperation stressing that anybody who gets too desperate with his political aspiration should be suspected of having a different mission other than to serve his people.

He assured that, given his age, academic background, exposure, and the connection with notable Nigerian leaders including former President Olusegun Obasanjo, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, former Military President, Ibrahim Gbadamosi Babangida, and other serving members of the National Assembly, he’s better positioned to attract more national presence to Oyo Central Senatorial District in terms of projects.

“The demands of being a Senator goes far beyond the title my brother, it is serious work which requires youthful energy and vigour because you’ll need to be a great lobbyist to get things done for your people. It is a place where you go and hustle for projects for your people and bring physical developments to your place not just by answering the title of a Senator.

“I have been there (National Assembly) for different assignments and I really understand how the minds of these Senators work especially when you talk about lobbying. If you go there and think its a tea party then before you realized your term of office is over it would have been too late to make corrections.

“Again, as a lawnaker, you are not supposed to be the one that will bting contractor, that’s number one error. If everything has gone through the due process, your job is to oversse that project that you have lobbied for because you are not an implementation agency.

“But in this situation you push for the project, Why? you are pushing for it is because you have interest in who the contractor would be, where it would be sighted and at the same time, you will now do oversight on it. You are only overseeing what you have interest in. If you bring a contractor, what is the purpose of bringing the contractor? For kick backs, nothing more, nothing less.

“These are traditions that are going to be difficult for individuals to say I want to change because I am not the Senate President. The only thing is that, probably, you can get more projects. It is also political, if we have contractors in my senatorial district who have the capability, I can back such person or persons up because the fund is now domiciled within that senatorial district.

“But the fundamental job of a legislator is to make sure that you make laws and do oversight function so that the budgeting system can correlate with the expenses. If the executive says we have spent N200 billion, what have you done with it? We check if it is worth it, not that project of N50 billion is actually called N200 billion. If I have the opportunity to be there at the Senate, I will make sure that we do projects that’s worth the cost that is put on it.

“And if I have the opportunity, not to influence, and you have the criteria, why not, if not. Go for it and get it done. The major thing is delivery and if you can deliver, why not, if not. Why should they go and bring a contractor from Kaduna and come and implement project in my local government in Ona Ara or in Oyo West. That can’t work.” Ajani stated.

Speaking of what his next political move will be in the event he didn’t get the PDP Senatorial ticket, Ajani said, “If I don’t get the PDP ticket, I move on but I wont leave the party because I’m one of Seyi Makinde’s political disciples and his success as a politician and our leader will be my ultimate pride and joy as his follower.”
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