SEYI MAKINDE: Th Heaven Sent Saviour Of Oyo State | By Ajayi Samuel


September 2nd, Wednesday, the governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde flagged off yet again another project. This entails the reconstruction of roads within the state with emphasis on Under G- Stadium- Lautech second gate road in Ogbomosho as well as the second phase of light up Oyo state project.

Despite the numerous flags off the governor has kick-started, he is still waxing higher, unrelenting and tactfully working to make sure that the state is a better place. The governor has set up his administration to see to unending infrastructural development within the state. Thereby, making it more habitable and conducive for citizens and residents of Oyo state.

Just as the citizens are yet to get over the joy and excitement of previous flags off, especially the first phase of Light up Oyo state (which is over 87.5% done and would have been completed by now if not for the pandemic that delayed), they were hit with the news of a second phase of the project.

The first phase has brought major roads and streets to life with street lights technology. The governor promised that the second phase, without any unforeseen circumstances, is expected to run for 9 months in total. The total budget which was estimated to be about 24 billion is to cover up for the Light-up project and road construction.

The road construction which is expected to cover about 223.8 kilometers of roads across all zones in the state will soon be commenced.

He stressed the project to be a means of economic expansion and security enhancement agenda of his administration. To him, good light will increase the economic activities within the state as it will make the duration of running business to be longer than the normal day time business hour, because with good light and security in our major business district center,this automatically increases the sale and business transaction from 12 hours to 24 hours round the clock.

Our own New York is coming alive,as this will bring in moreinvestors,investments and yield to good economic progress. As good light and road network are very much needed and important for economic growth.

The light up project and good road construction which the administration is dedicated to, will make the residents feel more relaxed and at peace in carrying out their normal day to day economic activities, increase production, provide work opportunities (as the governor laid more emphasis on Lautech Students getting involved in the execution of the project and more investments will bring more employment opportunities) as well as give a more secured environment to the residents.

The governor, with his dedication to infrastructural developments is set to put the state on a fast-growing pedestal. To him, these will accelerate growth and development in Oyo sate.

As there is need to resuscitate the economic condition of the state, and to do this, the importance of infrastructural facilities cannot be overemphasized.
The aggressive infrastructural work of Governor SeyiMakinde from the inception of the government has proved to us that this mandate is nothing but for the masses and to the glory lost by the Oyo state from the predecessor of this state.

To make the state well developed and a force to reckon with both within and outside the county, his aim so far, is to develop the state and make it a pacesetter for other states to follow.

If you follow all my analysis of this government from a while now, you’d have a better understanding of what I’m seeing and saying, not adding any sentimental quote of expression and leaving political propaganda aside, we’d see that every step and move of this government at every second is a way to skyrocket the economic strength that this state never had from the inception.

And inproving her pacesetting leadership to other states and even the federal government in principles and policies most especially during this sensitive time of Pandemic.

Focusing again on the multibillion flag off project of the light up state, I vividly understand the way of this governor in making the masses of this nation live in a world like the western countries despite all we have passed through from all the past government.

This is obviously a heaven-sent man to the people of Oyo state. As 75% of this state population only see a 24hours light up city on TV from the western nation and could only dream of it. However, with the just approved light up contract, I believe the governor when he said that we will be running a peaceful and successful 24hours business in this state in no time to come.

I want you all to really not just read news about the Governors flag off project but take your time to drive and visit all those stipulated project zone and site to see for yourself, what Governor Seyi Makinde is doing physically on site. This is not an AUDIO PROJECT or a FLAG OFF that will take decades even after announcement and approval with unnecessarily delay in protocols; but an instant commencement of works.

Visit the Ajia road to Amuloko and be a wittiness of good will,. The Apete /Awotan dumping site road has also commenced while the Lakan Salami stadium work in the center of the city is in progress.
We do not need any form of distraction for all these huge projects, that the state has never had such record.

Talking about 2nd term for a term that is still in her tender state is a distraction, let’s support what we have at the moment while we see the goods in process.
Having taken care of the security of the state with the comprehensive cooperation of the Amotekun force and Police, we are sure that, moving and running businesses in 24 hours will work without any hindrance with night looking like a sunny day with this multibillion naira light up project.

The state can finally live the life they never imagined will come this soon. But with a great leader like ours, the state is going on a strong and deliberate development wheel which has got so many neighboring states staring.

Governor Seyi Makinde is indeed the answer to prayers of Oyo state citizens!

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