Security: Makinde Takes A Swipe At Opposition, Inaugurates Board Of Oyo State Security Network Agency


By Henry Odeh




Security: Makinde Takes A Swipe At Opposition, Inaugurates Board Of Oyo State Security Network Agency




Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo has cautioned members of the opposition parties in the state against politicizing issues of security in the state saying that security matter is everybody’s business regardless of which party is in power or opposition.

Makinde stated this on Monday June 21, while Inaugurating the Board of Oyo State Security Network Agency codenamed ‘Amotekun’ at the Executive Chamber of the Governor’s Office, Secretariat, Ibadan.

According to Makinde, members of the opposition parties must realize that it is project Oyo state first stressing that any other interest should be secondary to anyone or group of persons with the love and interests of the state at heart.

The Governor noted that some persons took advantage of the security situation in Nigeria at the national level prior to the 2015 general election to drive their campaign but added that Nigerians are now wiser considering the security situation in the country.

Sunrisebulletin gathered that insecurity in Oyo has heightened following activities of bandits, kidnappers, hoodlums and warring rival groups.

The Oyo State Police Command under the leadership of CP Ngozi Onadeko, has consistently reiterated its commitment to providing adequate security of lives and properties of all residents in the state.

Consequently, the Oyo state Amotekun Corp in Oyo state saddled with a complimentary security duty seem to be operating with lesser fire power since the corp is not licensed to carry sophisticated firearms in the fight against bandits and kidnappers in particular.

Although, there have been several strategic deployments, synergies among other sister security agencies across the state especially to some of the violence flashpoints such as Igangan in Ibarapa area and some parts of Ibadan metropolis, the security situation in Oyo has continued to give concerns to residents.

Makinde, shortly after officially Inaugurating the state security board urged them to be committed and dedicated expressing his understanding of the current security situation under which the board is expected to deliver on its mandate, he however, declared his maximum support for the body to succeed.

“As we continue to expand our security architecture and improve our neighborhood watch system and also in fulfilment of the law setting up the Amotekun Corp, we have to Inaugurate the board and that’s exactly what we are doing here.

“The law establishing Oyo state security network Agency, Amotekun Corp to assist in maintaining law and order in the state and for other matters connected therewith, stipulates the establishment of a governing board in section 7.

“Remember that one of the reasons we started the Amotekun Corp is to bring security operatives closer to the people. We are asking for state police, we could not get that because that involves amending the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and it is a big task.

“But while we are waiting for that we believe that will happen at some point. We have to move on and that’s what gave birth to Amotekun.

“Although, on many occasions, we have watched their videos, Amotekun members Corp members are faced with superior firepower. They are not licenced to carry weapons like AK-47 but we see bandits carrying such weapons.

“With that visible challenges that members of the Corp are faced with, they have been able to fill the gap successfully as local policing, t’s been difficult but they have been doing it.

“So, if things are the way they are now we wonder how thing would have been without Amotekun Corp. With this board, the heads of other security agencies are expected to provide the higher-end coverage that is needed for the Amotekun Corp to function.

“I’ve been listening and I’ve been watching people trying to politicize issues of security. Well, I want to appeal to such individual within the state. It is our state, it is only God that puts people in position.

“If you want to destroy your state before everybody to gain political power, I wonder the kind of state such individual or group of people would want to preside over.

“We’ve seen cases where they doctored videos to discredit Amotekun, we’ve seen cases where people go and out and outrightly lie and I’ve seen calls from people, now everybody I meet on the streets are advisers on security.

“They have all sorts of advise to give to me and you ask them, where have you practiced your own security, they haven’t gone beyond their streets, maybe they organized neighborhood watch and they think that is the qualification for advisers on issues of security.

“Well, some of these people mentioning insecurity is one of the major challenges in Oyo state, yes, the country is going through quite a bit but I challenge them to a debate, I am ready, let it be 100 percent, let them come and tell us what they would be doing differently, they have nothing to offer the people of Oyo state apart from wanting to ride on the perception of insecurity to gain prominence.

“They should wait, let us build Oyo state together, if it is God’s will for them to be in power in 2023 He’ll do it for them easily but we must not destroy our state.

“We must not politicize security, yes! some people used it at the national level and they gained power in 2015 but Nigerians are wiser now.

“We will continue to take the issue of security of lives and properties, and people being able to go about their lawful endeavors in Oyo state. And we also need to know that because of the policies of this administration alot of people are coming into Oyo state.

“And when you have more and more people coming in, it will come with its own set of challenges and also it’s opportunities as well. In the days ahead, we will let the people of Oyo state know the new things that we are doing as far as security is concerned,” Makinde explained.

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