Revealed: Oyo APC Plans To Buy Votes With Fake Dollars- Makinde Media Committee



The Seyi Makinde Media Committee has raised the alarm regarding the unwholesome activities of the Oyo state All Progressives Congress, APC, ahead of the elections.

Following the cash crunch arising from the Naira redesign, it was revealed to the Committee that the APC had perfected plans to buy votes using fake Dollars.

According them, an insider, who does not want his name mentioned, disclosed that the APC had engaged a syndicate specialised in the production of fake foreign currency.

Continuing, the source further revealed that the the criminal syndicate was commissioned to produce fifty and hundred Dollar bills which would be used to sway voters. He said ” The team of the APC in Oyo state, having realized that it was difficult to campaign against Governor Seyi Makinde, as he had done exceptionally well, resolved to cash in on the poverty they created nationwide by distributing fake Dollar notes on Election Days”. He noted that the Naira redesign greatly affected their initial plans to buy votes, hence their resolve to change their vote-buying strategy.

He disclosed that he decided to come out with this information for his conscience sake. He therefore advised voters in Oyo state to be careful and not allow themselves to be induced with fake dollars or any currency for that matter. He said that this would lead to double trouble for them, as they would have wasted their votes while also ending up in jail if caught with dud money.

Meanwhile, the mode of execution of the illicit plan may have caused a rift amongst candidates of the Oyo APC. Insiders revealed that while the party’s Senatorial and House of Representative candidates want the scheme activated on the February 25th, others preferred March 11th when the Governorship and House of Assembly elections will be held. As of now, they were yet to agree. However, they were moving forward regardless.

Lastly, the Makinde Media Committee called on the people of Oyo State to reject the criminal inducement of the APC and vote massively for Governor Seyi Makinde.

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