Re: FINTIRI AND HIS COSMETIC APPROACH OF GOVERNANCE IN ADAMAWA STATE (The midterm report) by Hon Mohammed A Mayas ( assistant Publicity Secretary APC Adamawa State)- George Kushi

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George Kushi

Certainlyl,the myopic visionary will see nothing good beyond his shortsighted view. Lacking foresight , he would wait for a problem before seeking a solution. Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri did not have to wait for the problem to compound itself before seeking for solutions. The bridges are built before the foreseeable problems ahead. That is called planning,put better,vision.

As humans,we operate on different intellectual frequencies. While some only think of what obtains today,others try to forestall impending problems before they occur. That is what spells the difference between Fintiri and others that rant about nothing because they are irrelevant in the present dispensation. Please,Mr. Honorable, in four years you and your principal have not done what Fintiri has done in two years. The flyovers do not belong to Honorable Fintiri ,he deserves the title(he was elected and was Speaker of the House before becoming governor),they are public property that will ease life for present and future generations.

To all critics,it is noteworthy that the education challenge is no limited to Adamawa. The Corona affected all spheres of life and still has serious effects around the world. To narrowly assess Fintiri’s scorecard on a universal problem depicts I’ll will or outright malice. Anyway,it is possible that you are not conscious of the facts.

As for your “Batch D”employees,no one is against them. It is the process of employing that is in question. Your principal was hell-bent on seeing that the succeeding government failed hence rush to overbloat the civil service beyond manageable proportions. You can only pretend that you don’t know of that dubious plot by your principal.

We don’t intend to trade blames,but as the need arises, baseless attacks have to be disparaged.

Well,all of us are witnesses to the fact that under Bindow the education sector was comatose. The present administration introduced feeding and provided teaching and learning materials which critics of the government refuse to see. It rather strange that anyone would say Governor Fintiri’s projects are invisible. Either the person is blind or refuses to to tell the truth,nobody can deny the landmark edifices of Fintiri that have beautified Jimeta-Yola,the state capital and other major towns in the state. Check the changes in Michika,Mubi,Numan ,Hong,, Toungo, Jada ,YOLA South,Ganye etc and you will be in no doubt that something is happening in Adamawa. Adamawa is now a state to be loved or envied or even hated depending on individual dispositions.

Maya’s did not give reasons for the two governors inability to show up,however the reasons he propounded lack credibility,neither does his “robber stamp” House of Assembly address make sense;there is no robber in the House,there are opposition Members in the House and it is lawful for a governor to seek the consent of the House to fund projects.In what way does Mayas find fault?

Hundreds of kilometers of rural roads were built that Mayas wittingly refuses to acknowledge. Much has been said during the commissioning of the roads but those with a passionate dislike for the Fintiri administration would rather look the other way.

One thing that is glaring is the fact that Fintiri’s traducers do not want to rest and accept the good fate of Adamawa under Fintiri. Finding fault in every thing Fintiri does is their preoccupation . Even when there is no no cause for alarm they seek to create panic. They deliberately raise alarm as I f borrowing is something in governance. To borrow for capital projects is in order as long as the projects constitute lasting legacies as the flyovers in Yola will prove to be both beautiful lasting facilities that will ease transportation now and for years to come.
The housing estate will ease the problem of shelter which is a basic human need, and the move towards agricultural revolution will not only put. Food on the table but will provide a sustainable livelihood and a boost in the economy and IGR.

As the State keeps on recording achievements under the Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri led administration I urge Mayas and his ilks to awake from slumber.

George Kushi is the Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor of Adamawa State and writes in from Dougirei Government House Yola.

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