Re: Atiku And Fintiri In Silent War – George Kush



The Nation Newspaper of 4th February, 2023 published an article with the above caption with no byline. Whatever is aimed to be achieved from the write up is not hidden. Evidently a hired crew of APC sympathisers are at their worst trying to burst the solid wall of unity within the PDP in Adamawa state. Having failed in creating a divide,they have finally resorted to getting the Wike- Atiku discord to wreck the PDP in the state. But like all other plots conceived and hatched, this one will fail. For all purposes,Fintiri’s words bore no harm to Atiku’s position as the party’s presidential bid.

Fintiri is not a hypocrite. Over the years he has expressed himself unequivocally. In this case his comment should not have attracted such criticism that the opposition intends to use. Like all other attempts,this write-up is doomed to fail like previous ones.

From all indications,a group of fifth columnist have a conceived the idea of distabilizing the PDP in Adamawa,using the faked loyalty they portray as a means to an end of gaining recognition and getting financial rewards through foul means by causing disaffection in the PDP camp.

The PDP in Adamawa made a decision when at the party’s convention when it overwhelming nominated Atiku Abubakar. Fintiri stood his ground at the convention by ensuring that Adamawa state had the chance of getting its son get a shot at the presidency. As it appears,those moles within the party are in a hurry to ruin the party in Adamawa. However,their plot will crumble like a house of cards. In their bid to gain recognition and cause damage,they jumped the gun.
A few days hence,when the presidential campaign train moves to Yola,would have provided enough grounds to make such outlandish comments.

In politics, assuming or taking things for granted is the first step towards doom. At the worst of times it is unthinkable that Fintiri will work against his party or Atiku in Adamawa state. How can one even entertain the prospects of Fintiri contesting the governorship of the state and at the same time sabotaging his own platform in the same stride?

The PDP membership in Adamawa state is solid and cannot fall for the untutored shenanigans of hired provocateurs. Their crafty creation of conflict and intentional attempts to cause chaos in the PDP fold has failed. Atiku Abubakar(Waziri Adamawa) and Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri are inseparable. Their bid to salvage their people at the national and state levels cannot be compromised by venomous verbiage from mercenary writers whose stock in trade is to cause disaffection and thereby facilitate victory for those that have empoverished the people in the last eight years.

The fortunes of Adamawa,and indeed Nigeria are in the hands of Nigerians. The solidarity of Atiku Abubakar and Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is the surest bet for the citizens of Nigeria at large and Adamawa state in particular.

If this write-up is from without,the author/authors should hold their peace,their crafty manipulation of facts cannot create discord in Adamawa.

Kushi writes from Ribadu Square!!!

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