OYRTMA Mobile Court Sentenced 41 Traffic Offenders


At about 1030hours today, Thursday 20th August, 2020, the OYRTMA Mobile Court began hearing to treat different traffic offences committed by both private and commercial vehicle owners across the State .

Consequently, the Mobile court led by His Worship Magistrate, O.K. Omotosho listened to views of different traffic offenders on separate charges as Barrister U. T. Alimi Esq. prosecuted for the Agency.

On the class of offences and penalties, only 41 Traffic offenders were tried in court . The list of penalties and offences as charged are listed below:

MTOP3- 8 offenders, MTF11- 12 offenders, MTOP2 – 1 offender, OVL- 7 offenders, MCR03- 7offenders, TSM08- 2 offenders, MTF1- 2 offenders, MTF10- 1 offender and MTF64- 1 offender.

Meanwhile, Her Worship Magistrate while given judgment on the alleged offences, 40 traffic offenders were sentenced between 2weeks to 6months and only one offender was discharged and acquitted on humanitarian ground.

However, Mr. Sunday Okoronko, an okada rider, with plate number: NRK 922 QH, was freed by court on his plea that he was just sacked by his previous employer due to Covid-19 pandemic as a result of its adverse effect on the company’s revenue.

Conclusively, 16 Motorcycles, 1 Tricycle, 8 Private Cars, 14 Micras and 2 Trucks(1 empty & 1 loaded) were treated.

Meanwhile, the Executive Chairman of the Authority, Mogaji (Dr.) Akin Fagbemi had earlier expressed confidence in the court process stating that it would be fair to all parties in its adjudications as it is been handled by seasoned Magistrates with immense understanding of the laws governing road traffic management in Oyo State.

In his words, Dr. Fagbemi said “let me state for the umpteenth time that the Governor Seyi Makinde administration is irrevocably committed to fair airing of all traffic offenders before they’re being fined in accordance with provisions of the extant traffic laws of the State. It shall be a continuous process that would be fairly and transparently carried out”, he concluded.

The court session came to an end at about 1338hours.

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