Oyo 2019:I am eminently prepared and qualified to govern Oyo state.- Dr. Morunkola Thomas

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The Executive Assistant on political matters to the governor of Oyo state, Dr. Morunkola Thomas and a gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of the ruling All Progressive Congress in the state has said that he is eminently prepared, eminently qualified to be the governor of the state.
He said this in a media chat with Sunrisebulletin.com in Ibadan recently.
Speaking further the former commissioner for Agriculture in Oyo State said ” I have learnt the political ropes, I have served in different capacities, I have seen the in and out of government. I know where Oyo state is coming from and I know where the state is today. ” he observed that with the quantum of experience he has garnered over the years in governance “there is no one aspirant better qualified than me in any of the of the political party for this assignment.
Dr. Morunkola Thomas told Sunrisebulletin.com that ” Having served in various capacities in government it gives me an opportunity to understand the dynamics of Oyo state politics this is an edge I have over others.
Giving further explanations on why he should be the preferred choice of the APC Oyo state gubernatorial candidate he remarked ” They may say they are technocrat, I am also a technocrat, I am well educated, attended many universities in three continent Africa, America and Europe. ” he described himself as an expert in development and in public administration, More than those who have fixed knowledge of the political economy of the state.
On whether the governor asked him to contest, he said ” As far as an concerned the governor didn’t ask me to contest, and as far as I know the governor wont ask you to do anything you are not interested in ” Dr Thomas noted that he has been piloting his own political career for about 30 decades and knows the time to contest, saying he was waiting for this time.
He denied claims in some quarters that he is among those who the governor want to use to put credibility on the primaries having chosen a candidate of his choice, Dr Thomas reacted “This is not about governor Ajimobi using anybody to put credibility on any process, the governor is an eminent democrat, who believes that whatever you want, you must work for it, am a serious candidate”.
Asked if he will consider leaving the party if he does not get the governorship ticket, he said ” if it happens that I don’t get the ticket I will not leave the party, I will not abandon governor Ajimobi, am one of his disciples and am in his political caucus, a very prominent member for that matter”.
The well lettered Ibadan politician said he wants members of the party to known that he is an insider not an outsider, stressing that he knows where the party is going and where the party his coming from.
Taking a swipe on some asirants perceived to be monybags Dr Thomas said that ” The rich has never won the race, Oyo state governorship is not for sale” he also noted that ” most of these governorship aspirants don’t have PVC’s, while the identity of some are still in dispute.
On what he will do differently when he becomes governor of the state, Dr. Morunkola Thomas said ” I will pay attention to driving the economy of this state, we must take this state from a civil service state to an economically buoyant state ”
In addition, he said ” there are many sector of the economy we must touch, we must look at agriculture and it’s value chain, even sports can help bring about a developer economy.
Watch out for full text of this interview.

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