Oyo 2019: I Will Step Down for Any Aspirant If…Senator Buhari.


A gubernatorial hopeful in Oyo state and a serving Senator representing Oyo North, Senator Abdulfatai Buhari, has said he will step down for any aspirant if he possesses the following qualities, which includes that such aspirant must have been a member of the house of representatives, a senator, a Special Adviser to a state governor, a commissioner and must also be a PhD holder.
The Ogbomoso born politician who already attained the above requirements, made this conditions known at a media chat in Ibadan yesterday.
Senator Buhari who is the committee chairman for ICT in the Senate remarked that, the experiences he had garnered over the years from the various offices he has held in the past, and his present position as a senator, aside been a Phd holder has adequately equipped him to successfully govern Oyo state, however he is willing to set aside his ambition if there his any among the plethora of aspirants in the ruling party jostling for the number one job in the state, who can match or better is credentials.
Speaking on the secret to his success as a politician particularly as it concerns the turbulence usually associated with an election year, the former commissioner for local government and chieftency matters, assert that as a politician he has always allowed himself to be guilded by three principles which are, performance while in office, appreciation for constituency and relationship with authority, Buhari noted that any politician who is ab!e to manage these principles effectively is not likely to have a sleepless night, even in an election year.
On the forth coming party primaries, the former Special Adviser to Governor Ajimobi, emphasised his preference for direct primaries as recently used in Osun state, observing that the process, will greatly reduce the influence of money politics. The Senator said that though the constitution of the All Progressive Congress also provided for other options, of selecting a candidate for election such as indirect primaries or through a consensus, he however prefers the direct primary. Nonetheless he said as a loyal party man he will abide by whatever options the party choses.
Reacting to the clamor by a section of the state for Oke Ogun to be considered for the governorworship ticket of the ruling party in 2019, Senator Buhari said he is saddened when accessment of him is based on where he is from and not by his competency, highlighting that candidate should emerge simply on merit and not by reason of where one is from.
On the recent defection at the national assembly, Buhari remarked that there is nothing new or strange about it, that there have always been a history of defection at the national assembly, stressing that the key to defection is survival.

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