There are times when pessimists attack our beliefs in a very coordinated and seemingly unassailable manoeuver…. especially when they act with the limited information available to them and to the public. They pontificate and grandstand, they make a great show with their facts and figures….

If your loyalty is weak, if your believe is not entrenched….if you fail to stand strong to the ideals and stance of your principal or organization, you will fail….
There is a huge and unprecedented scam in the Imo salary wage bill….it permeates both the pension and civil service salary….huge funds that should be freed up to develop Imo State….

His Excellency the Governor has an easy option….overlook the wage cabal, keep paying….use whatever money is left….take huge loans….take the easy happy part!
But this gorvernment is on a mission, it is prepared to flush out these cabal that feast on our Commonwealth….the gorvernment is so convinced, correctly, that it’s concern is not about PR…no, it’s concern is the development and future of Imo state. So, all it’s resources must be ploughed into it’s coffers and channeled to development efforts…

Why did this gorvernment partner with the House of Assembly to stop huge payments to former Governors, Deputy Governors, Speakees, and Deputy Speakers? You think it’s for the personal gain or interest of His Excellency The Governor ? No! It’s a demonstration of His resolve to save Imo state from the clutches of fat persons who are determined to remain fat at the expense of our common wealth!
The salary and pension thieves are sponsoring every possible campaign of calumny against the gorvernment to force it to start paying salaries without removing their thousands of fraudulent names and entries into our wage bill!

Whilst we agree that workers and pensioners are at pains because of it, we must publicise the fact that we are in this situation because of thieves who are determined to keep stealing from us through fictitious names in salary and pension data.

We must also announce as much as we can, the fact that this suffering is very limited as once this exercise is completed, salaries will go into auto pilot and everyone will start rejoicing.

There are uncommon times to show believe, to stand by who you claim to surport, to fight for a cause you believe in.
Everyday is not the easy day. There are days to sweat and fight.
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