Okriks.com: an e-commerce platform for second hand fashion materials debuts in Nigeria


Okriks.com, an e-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers of used and second hand fashion products, has debuted in Nigeria.

The website is designed to provide an opportunity for the average Nigerian to bring their used items, display them, and also enable buyers and sellers of previously owned goods meet and trade.

The platform seeks to bridge the gap between expensive fashion and inexpensive second hand clothes. Considering the fact that the per capita income of the average Nigerian is low, people will always depend on used fashion products.

It allows vendors to sell their products and buyers to shop conveniently. People do not have to travel long distances to purchase or sell their used products. All they have to do is list them on okriks.com, and buyers who are interested can purchase from the comfort of their homes.

Okriks.com is providing a simpler way to make buying second hand items easy for the average low income earner.

Andrew Okwedadi, Chief Executive Officer of okriks.com stated: “People who are awaiting payday can easily reserve their carts by making a 10% down payment”. This, he stressed, are part of the numerous benefits available to Nigerians who patronise the site. He encouraged people to visit the website www.okriks.com and shop for the almost-new items for men, women and children on display at low prices.

Nearly all the goods on the okriks platform are pre-owned or from factory liquidated stocks. It also offers new overstock items at rock bottom prices. The site helps to ensure buyers no longer have to make do with over-worn second hand clothing.

Nigerians can now buy first-grade “okrika” online on the website at the same price as the open market.

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