4 thoughts on “Ogun 2019: ADC aspirant share Cakes and Chin-Chin

  1. Politics of bitterness and hatred is what is killing us in Nigeria.

    Distribution of Chin Chin is a Gesture of a supporter in support of the GNI governorship Project.

    A man of the Masses gets supports of different kinds.

    Irorun De Tan… Believe.

  2. Such good gesture from some supporters of the aspirant to provide refreshments for the enthusiastic supporters is appreciated.

  3. The Poser of this write-up needs urgent Medical attention, Where did you see GNI sharing Chin-chin.
    This Person get Problem.
    Thank God everybody has known u are a liars.

    That’s what ur paymaster sent u to do. This one is too cheap for people to believe.

    Tell ur boss to bring another fabricated falsehood information

    GNI has gone beyond all this cheap blackmailing

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