Nigeria’s Independence Aniversary: AKT, Hon. Yusuf Adebisi, Hon. Obadara, Others React





As Nigeria marks its independence anniversary today, many mixed reactions have continued to trail the celebration. While some were of the view that Nigeria’s democracy is still evolving, some were of the view that Nigeria still has a long way to go in term of entrenching the tenets of true democracy into the Nigerian system, while some others simply think that Nigeria is doing well so far. Sunrise Bulletin corresondent was in town to take reactions from the people, some of the persons who spoke with Sunrise Bulletin are members of the Oyo state house of Assembly and other Nigerians.



Nigeria’s Democracy Is Still Evolving – Hon. Olajide Akintunde (AKT, Lagelu State Constituency)


“If you look at the challenges facing Nigeria as a nation you will agree with me that it is not peculiar to Nigeria alone as a developing country at this stage, and in the face of our challenges we have always come out stronger together as a people, we may not be there yet but i believe that we are still  evolving and soon we will get there because other successful western countries that has struggled like us at this stage also got better as we can all see so i am positive Nigeria will get there very soon.”



Nigeria’s Democracy Is Migrating From Old To A New Order – Hon. Yusuf Adebisi (IBSW I)


“I am a youth and i fully represent the younger generation even though as a lawmaker i represent all age groups but never in the history of the state has any administration withnessed the amount of trust and confidence reposed in youth. The current 9th assembly is dominated by youth, our Right honspeaker is a youth, my very able governor is a youth, recently it was reported in the news of some states emulating governor Makinde style by nominating a 26year old lady as a commissioner in a state, i mean these are all pointers to the fact that the youths are already taking over the leadership of this great nation and it is what I call migration from old to a new order.”



It Is Sad That We’re Still Where We Are But We Will Get There – Hon. Obadara


“Well, if we are to appraise our performance as a country so far in the last 59 years of our independence despite our abundant human and material resources i will say it is unfortunate we are still where we are today and that is largely due to leadership problem but if you look at the new set of leader we have in Oyo state today, you will agree with me that we have an assurance of a greater tomorrow. Until now nobody could believe that workers can actually be getting their salaries on or before 25th of every month but Governor Makinde has proved to all that is possible, look at all the loudable projects the governor is doing, all those only give us a renewed hope for better days ahead of us so i am optimistic we will get there soon.”



With Leaders Like Governor Makinde, Nigeria Will Be World Economic Powerhouse Soon – Mr. Eluyefa Babatope


“When we were kids, i recall our teachers used to tell us then that we are the leaders of tomorrow but unfortunately all Nigerian leaders have continued to recycle themselves leaving the youths out but our very own GSM (Governor Seyi Makinde) as we fondly call him has clearly shown the world that the youths can do better if given the chance with the right guidance. Governor Makinde as face of good governance in Nigeria is already setting the pace in every area you can think of, if other states will humbly learn the art of true leadership from our governor and transmit same to the administration of their states i can bet you that in no distant years to come Nigeria as a whole would become a global economic powerhouse, we are just blessed that governor Makinde has restored our lost hope in the Nigerian project and we can now look ahead with a hope for a better tomorrow.”

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