As a parting shot,the supposed redeemer , Muhammadu Buhari has unleashed another round of punishment on the nation to probably give the impression that he intends good for the nation he has brought to it’s knees.
Reminiscent of his past as a military dictator when he decided to change the colors of the national currency in1984, a new round of suffering has been let loose on the common man. From all appearances,the government embarked on the project without adequate preparation.

As a result about one hundred million people that have very little to survive on while the few fat-bellied bureaucrats at the top that have inordinately stashed trillions from our common wealth in dollars are trying their positions to change what they have in Naira changed as the poor queue up for several hours to get two thousand Naira to feed their families on a daily basis. From all indications,the mistake of 1984 did not create any impression on the leadership of Buhari.

To Mr President ,the suffering of the people continues while his hangers-on are hard on trying to shove the blame on others. Just like like forty years ago,the old team has led the country into a lock-jam in what is probably an attempt to punish some of their ilk.

For the poor to survive,they have brought the price of their products to rock- bottom prices for the rich to buy and later hike the prices. This is the situation in which Nigerians found themselves. The only people that don’t know the predicament of the teeming masses are the El-Rufai’s and the well feathered nest dwellers,friends and acolytes of those in power.

This brings us to the end of most orchestrated session of lies like never before in the history of the nation. For this,even the suffering we should thank God,for otherwise we would have been faulting ourselves for denying Buhari the chance to save us from the PDP and Good luck Jonathan. Now we know better. We now understand that the gang-up was to wrest power for self-serving purposes. This era is coming to an end with something new in the history of the country;trillions stolen,lost,stashed in cartons…,etc,with all the criminals walking around scot-free.

Never has corruption thrived at the center like now,and all this under a regime that claims it will fight corruption to a standstill. The only promise they kept is that anyone that joins the APC will have his sins forgiven (can keep his loot) and past will be remembered no more. And so we moved on to a situation where imported killers became a government on their own. Bandits dictate to state governors their terms for peace,women are taken at will and poor honest Farmers have to negotiate with criminals that use their wives and daughters as chattels at will while governent apparatus prove themselves ineffective.
This and much more has been the lot of many Nigerians.

For two tenures of four years each (eight years) Nigerians bore this burden,yet maintained their faith in democracy. And now the country is at the threshold of history as the PDP offers to salvage what the APC brigandage has done to the economy and livelihood of the people. From all indications the game is over for the APC now that it’s lies have been laid bare sends a sign that a new era is about to begin.

The era of sweetly coated political pills that the APC has fed Nigerians has finally been discovered to be fake, ineffective in solving our problems and worse is that they pose a great danger to the health of the nation as a whole. It is therefore not surprising that the midget-man in Kaduna,a petty and petite man has to come up with spurious verbiage of what he thinks is happening to their rudderless party now that the personality cult of their masochistic icon has been proved wrong.Now that the masquerade’s nakedness has been exposed, the spin-masters are trying to find fault wherever they can find one.

It is common knowledge that their icon,Buhari was portrayed as the master that wields the magic wand that can cure Nigeria’s maladies. Eight years later ,the myth has been broken and Nigerians now have a better understanding of the facts and fiction that surrounds the man.

Yes,the man would ensure that the US dollar will bow to the Nigerian currency,petroleum products will be sold at a cheaper rate than under Goodluck Ebele Jonathan , better road networks across the country,better health and insurance schemes,dealing with the security challenges within three months…,etc. They promised heaven on Earth,but eight years later,the country is at it’s lowest ebb. All facets of human existence have become worse than ever before.

This same clique that claims to be righteous has proved itself to be nothing but a bunch that are self-serving and have nothing good in stock for the common man.

As the situation deteriorated , they sought frivolous excuses, maligned Ebele Jonathan,heaped blame on the PDP while at the same adding to their ranks some of the major looters to the extent that an accountant General had the guts to spirit away over 80 Billion Naira under the Buhari government, How much has been stolen in the NIRSAL project or the borrowers programme of the CBN?
In world history,when it is time to share the loot,it is not uncommon to see the felons turn against one another.

It is therefore not surprising that El-Rufai now knows of a cabal in Aso-Rock that is working to scuttle the chance of Bola Tinubu from becoming president.He also claimed a certain Governor like him got 500 Million of the newly redesigned currency. Now,the man that claims to be fearless has lost his voice and cannot name members of the “cabal”or the governor in question. Is he afraid of them? Maybe yes,maybe no. Is he afraid of his shadow? Yes. He has been and is still part of them hence the grumbling with no accusing finger at any one in particular. He knows,and they all know why the change in Nigerian currency was done in utmost secrecy, whose interest it is supposed to serve and who it should harm. Now that Nemesis has ensnared their own they are blindly grasping for anything to hold onto, anyone to blame including the PDP that has nothing to do with the day to day running of the government.

From all indications,the game up to rob Nigeria by a few is about to hit the rocks. The cohorts are in disarray as their ship is about to sink. Now that the ship is about to sink,the desperate El-Rufai is crying out. Tinubu is crying out just like many more in the APC.

And from all appearances ,Buhari is trying to distance himself from them. A close study of his speeches and body language say a lot. In many places his actions and words do not seem to be that of a party chieftain vigorously campaigning for his party.

The party,APC is in disarray , it appears rudderless and is rife with betrayal a thing common with frisky and shady characters.

Forty-seven years ago,on the 13th of February,a few days hence,ten days after Buhari was made governor by Murtala Mohammed as president and one time Head of State Nigeria continues to suffer the same malady of corruption. With barely a hundred days to go,does Buhari think he can make a life-changing move to better the lot of Nigerians? Is this change in currency capable of bringing the much needed respite that the nation needs? Evidently,the diagnosis is coming a little too late.

What Nigeria needs is a new physician after the collosal failure of the APC over the last eight years. Has anyone a different opinion? If any,give Nigerians proof of what the APC has done at the Federal level to deserve another mandate. The realisation that APC has failed is enough reason to course a new chart away from El-Rufai who seated in the presidency had the effrontery to call the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria a” bunch of fools” sits in Kaduna and marauding bandits reign supreme, sits in Kaduna abd quixotically point at people in the presidency and term them a “cabal”.

Nigeria has had enough of this bunch of clowns. Their time is up .Away with this load of clueless jokers.

Kushi writes in from Jimeta Yola, Adamawa State North East Nigeria.

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