Nigeria@59: Seyi Makinde Is Architect Of Modern Oyo State, Actualizing Vissions Of Founding Fathers – S.A To The Governor On Legislative Matters, Agbarapo


By Henry Odeh


As Nigeria prepares to celebrate her independence on Tuesday 1st of October which marks the day in which Nigeria celebrates her freedom from colonial rule every year, mixed reactions have started trailing how the country has fared so far. The special adviser to the executive governor of Oyo state on legislative matters who was a former lawmaker and majority leader of the Oyo house of assembly, Hon. Adejumobi Samuel Ademola otherwise known as Agbarapo has joined others to lend his voice by describing Governor Seyi Makinde as Awolowo reincarnate who is already actualizing the vision of Nigeria’s founding fathers. He noted that Nigeria is a project under God that has survived its many challenges thus far because it is a project destined to succeed even though the country’s colonial masters seemingly had a different purpose for birthing the country.


The vibrant ex-lawmaker made this reaction while having a media chat with Sunrise Bulletin correspondent yesterday in his office at the state secretariat, Ibadan. He said that founding fathers of the modern day Nigeria had a vission for a great and prosperous country where all Nigerians regardless of tribe and tongue will be very proud and able to walk tall in the midst of other nationals but the advent of military rule created a huge disruption along the line, he noted that as unfortunate as the advent of military regims might be in the history of Nigeria as described by many Nigerians, he alleged that the All Progressives Congress (APC) led government has created a feeling that tempts one to think that the military regim was better than the APC led administration in the country.


He stated further that when PDP government came on board in 1999, it was a case of starting all afresh from the scratch to lay the democratic foundation upon which the APC led government has been trying to build upon unsuccessfully because it failed as a party in government to allign itself with the vissions of Nigeria’s founding fathers which the PDP led government has successfully laid the foundation.


The versatile businessman cum politician stated that the eight years  administration of the immediate past governor of Oyo state was more draconian and tyranical to say the least. He said that  governor Seyi Makinde from his successful private sector background like late chief Obafemi Awolowo has designed a 20 year masterplan for the “Oyo project” which successive government will find extremely difficult to deviate from. He said further that the administration of governor Makinde was appalled by the magnitude of financial recklessness born out of chasing elephant projects with the aim of getting kickbacks for personal agrandizement.


He said “at this stage in the history of our dear state and country, i believe that if APC led government had alligned itself with the vissions of our founding fathers to which the PDP government laid a rock solid foundation, Nigeria would have gone past the shambolic state of trial and error we are in at the moment, i tell people that APC government is an accidental government, they are just opportunistic because they have no plan and no think tanks to help them out that is why we are still where we are today, i mean 8 years is not a joke if you take it out for a productive course. Take for instance former governor Abiola Ajimobi’s administration, for eight years in office all they did was complain about pausity of funds, insult opposition parties that tries to make constructive criticism of their wrongs, oppress and intimidate the public with government powers, and nothing more. Seyi Makinde has continued to work wonders exceptionally well in all areas APC led govt. complained and failed. They complained of irregular and inadequate monthly federal allocation which was reason why civil servants suffered unthinkable hardship under their govt but now 25th of every month is now pay day in Oyo state under Makinde, same complain for why Oyo education system withnessed an unprecedented steady decline in performances but Oyo state under Makinde now enjoys free, quality, and compulsary education for all public primary and secondary schools, pensioners now get their pay upon retirements, investment promotion is now at the front seat, economoc development and employment generation through massive industrialization using the agricultural sector etc on the core priority list of this present government. Now that goveenor Makinde in the face of pausity of funds has continued to succeed where they failed, what excuses will any successive government after governor Makinde give as reasons for failure? you can see that civil servants are now happy, everybody is happy even a civil servant is now credit worthy in Oyo state because of governor Makinde’s policy consistency, that is why we analysed the philosophy of the likes of chief Obafemi Awolowo and Nelson Mandela and came to a conclusion that Seyi Makinde is Obafemi Awolowo reincarnate and we are blessed to have him with us in our own generation”


He noted that even though it is imposible to build on the rot governor the present government inherited from Ajimobi’s government, governor Makinde is committed and determined to restore the lost pacesetters glory in the committee of states in Nigeria.

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