My Mission in NASS – Quilox Boss, Shina Pella Speaks




Aquila Records/Club Quilox boss-turned-lawmaker, Honorable Shina Abiola Peller, may be new in the arena of lawmaking but he surely has a clear vission on what he set out to achieve when he decided to venture into politics.


Shina Pella while speaking with Showtime on how he plans to make meaningful impacts in the 9th National Assembly, he said; “My main focus in the National Assembly is to make sure that at least I propose bills that affect the life of the masses. Recently, I was just talking to my guys in Abuja; I told them I just want to add an alias to my name. I want to be called the ‘voice of the common man’ (VCM). We can build Nigeria but we can’t build it from the top, we have to build from the bottom. We look at Nigeria as a whole, the country is divided into 36 states; each state has local governments and each constituencies.


We have a total of 360 federal constituencies. This means that whatever we can build in our various constituencies can make a great impact in the nation itself and my mission is to create a model constituency that every other constituency in Nigeria can emulate. I want to create a winning formula that people can easily say they want to replicate what I’m doing. I want to create a land where oneness, unity and progress reign. In a land where you have oneness, unity, peace and progress ofcourse business will thrive.”Speaking further, he noted that venturing into politics has had a strain on his businesses.“Yes definitely, on one side. Like they say, a hundred eyes can’t be like your own eyes. The attention I give to my business has dropped drastically.


Normally on a Friday night you would have seen me at Quilox, I would have posted on my social media pages, but it’s not so anymore”, he said. He added that contrary to speculations, his continued absence at Club Quilox doesn’t mean the club won’t thrive.“I don’t think so.


Although in life, there is a price for everything. For me, whatever I want to do, I don’t focus on the negative side; I focus on the positive side and get the thing done.


During my campaign I was not at Quilox for about 4 to 5 months and the business went successfully. If that can happen during my campaign, I see them doing well. Even during this our last seasonal party, I didn’t make any contribution but when I went for the party I was surprised with what they did. These are people that have been working with me for about seven years so they know me well”, he said.

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