Media Attacks on Dare Adeleke : The Hand of Faceless Being



Feel no sadness because of evil thoughts: it only strengthens those with goodwill.

Judging from what is obtainable in the politics of Southwest and Oyo State. It is a big standard touch that Governor Seyi Makinde is using in Oyo State. The state is now a model to many states in Nigeria

Hon Dare Adeleke is a leader of thought who could reason deeply about the happenings in Oyo State. The hand of Fifth columnist is being observed, they are clandestine group of subversive agents who attempt to undermine the good governence his midas touch at Oyo State Pacesetter Setter Transport Services.

I could recollect the day the state governor announced the increment in the monthly allowance of the state corp members, the parochial nature of the opposition party made them to bring negative news from nowhere to neutralize the joy to the good news of the increment. It is on this note that majority of Oyo State residents discovered that the APC and their cohorts in the PDP are known for lies and deceit.

Shame on the misguided, the blinded, the distracted and the divided and to those who chose to co-habit in the same party and still do the evil to such party. The victory Governor Seyi Makinde recorded in Osogbo where the likes of Fayose, Lere Olayinka and Olopoeyan, the man from Ijesha who think he can lord over Ibadan people are still suffering from diarrhoea which its effect is showing in their mouths and their anuses.

It was a thing of joy in Oyo State when Governor Seyi Makinde approved the 4 modern terminals in Oyo State and he glorified it worh6 the acquisition of 106 buses which will not only solve transportational problem of the state but also improve the IGR.

Residents of the state are still looking for the day APC will start being progressive as their conduct and management of the affairs in OYO State and the nation shows they are regressive in nature.

APC adminstration in the state bought vehicles that could not withstand test of time, ambulances that could not last for 2 years are also littered around the state as a result of mismanagement of the last adminstration.

Progressively in Oyo State, the administration of Governor Makinde under the Chairmanship of Hon Dare Adeleke, has increased the profitability of PTS and increased the number of operational vehicle in PTS from the 22 buses to over 50 in 2 years.

The Oyo state pacesetter Transportation Service Company has a full functional board of Directors under the Leadership of Hon. Dare Adeleke as chairman and the board follows all due processes in the way and manner of it administration.

The purported sales of scrap by the opposition party using their agents and cronies to distract the administration of PDP in the state shows their level of backwardness.

Whenever an article, an item or anything be it of government not individual is not in use, such as unserviceable buses has to be sold out.

The naysayers won’t be able to inform the public about the progress of the PMS under the chairmanship of Honourable Dare Adeleke such as how reputable company like Coca-Cola, ROM Oil & Extreme manufacturing Company and Oriental and Global Manufacturing company increase the use of PMS buses which has ensure the increase and improvement on the state transport system.

The public need to be aware that more than over 30 grounded buses have been brought back to use and the PTS management continue to mainting the 20 operational buses met on ground. Good service delivery from the PTS has also increase the patronage of religious and social cultural groups who always o charter the buses on a regular basis.

It is no more news to residents of Oyo State that the myopic thinkers have chosen to use Sahara Reporters to publish fake news on Governor Makinde, Sahara Reporters had earlier published fake news about Gov Makinde on World Bank Backed Flood Control Project which the medium had pulled down on it news platform. Sahara Reporters is known for carrying unverified news and such news medium is unreliable.

Honorable Dare Adeleke is a unifying factor, a technocrat, a well bred politician who is capable of multiplying and effect positive touch in any office. As a former youth leader in South West PDP, his capability to ensure progress not only to youth body but also to human generally.

The progress being observed in PTS today is as a result of the vibrancy and effectiveness of Dare Adeleke. Below are the remarkable transformation the agency has recorded under the leadership of Dare Adeleke:

“The admistrative building of PTS now have absolute brand new look, with modern office equipment, the operational block, the Mega Mechanical workshop, Mini Mechanical workshop and the modern clinic, to mention but a few.

Others include regular and prompt payment of staff’s salary and staff allowances which the agency could not do successfully in the eight years of the APC in the state. Hon Adeleke ensures that the staff of the agency get paid on the 25th of every month, despite the agency not getting any grant from the State Government but being motivated by Governor Seyi Makinde’s midas touch in the state. Any sane mind will rather commend Adeleke on these remarkable feats he has achieved within two years as PTS boss. Little wonder some political jobbers are trying to pull him down at every opportunity. They will meet their waterloo at the appropriate time.

If there is an infringement, the state has Oyo State Anti Corruption Agency which has asked citizens in the state to start submitting petitions.

Governor Seyi Makinde is a committed citizen which has good Integrity and he is ready to ensure the roadmap set for the accelerated development in Oyo State is ensured.

Olabamiji Kareem writes from Ibadan.

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