Man begins march from Lagos to Abuja as protest against President Buhari


Nigerian man, Mohammed Isa, Thursday started a long trek from Lagos to Abuja in protest against President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.
The 28-year-old while expressing his displeasure for Buhari and APC was seen carrying a mini coffin bearing the inscription of Nigeria ruling Party All Progressives Congress while speaking to journalists at Otedola Bridge Lagos.

“I’m trekking now because they have failed Nigeria and Nigerians and I want Nigerians to know that even I, who believed so much in their government and put my health at risk by embarking on the trek is rejecting their government and that is why I’m carrying a coffin of the APC to deposit it at any mortuary within Abuja because the APC is dead already.”

Isa, a Borno State indigene, said the APC government has been unable to deliver on most of its campaign promises.

“They promised us heaven and earth but gave us hell,” Isa lamented.

“They promised that fuel will be N45 Naira per litre but it’s now N145 Naira; they promised to create three million jobs in one year but they have not been able to create even 500,000 jobs in three years,” he added.

Although Isa said he was not pleased with the APC government, he, however, said he will not be voting the opposition People’s Democratic Party in the next general elections.

“I am very angry at everyone in the APC and I will not vote for anybody from APC or PDP because they are all the same” Isa said.

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