Mammoth Crowd Besiege Oyo Gov Office As Groups, Artisans, Market Women, March To Mankind’s Office To Congratulate Him


By Henry Odeh

Just In: Mammoth Crowd Besiege Oyo Gov Office As Groups, Artisans, Market Women, March To Mankind’s Office To Congratulatory Him

Following the outcome of the appeal court ruling yesterday in Ibadan which upheld the electoral victory of governor Seyi Makinde of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) against an appeal brought to the appellate court by Chief Bayo Adelabu of the All Progressives Congress(APC), mammoth crowd today besieged the governor’s office in order in order to congratulate him, several other pressure groups known as Oyo Mandate, Oyo Youth Grand Alliance, Save Oyo, Oyo Koya, market women, traders and artisans across the state also joined the congratulations and solidarity march to the office of the executive governor of Oyo state to reassure governor Makinde of their unalloyed support and renewed vigor to stand by him against what they described as deliberate and calculated evil machinations of those they described as enemies of Oyo state.

The group while congratulating the governor for his victory from the appeal court stated that it was also using the solidarity march to send a strong message and warning across to Lagos and Abuja forces not to attempt to tamper with the people’s mandate in the interest of peace and happiness that currently permeates the length and breadth of Oyo state adding that no one can subvert the course of the peoples will.

The group noted with caution that even though the appellate court upheld the indisputable victory of governor Makinde, it was aware that the APC will not relent from splashing its portion of the tradermoney on lawyers to keep the party intact in the state by chasing a non existing mandate to the supreme court adding that the groups are concerned about the ambiguity surrounding the ruling leading to unnecessary debates and arguments among those it described as laymen who expected the ruling to be made in very clear terms.

The group further assured governor Makinde of their unflinching resolve to stand by him and expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards all the good works he has been doing from the day he assumed office as the governor adding that governor Mankind’s style of leadership is unprecedented in the history of Oyo state which could only be likened to the days of chief Obafemi Awolowo, and as such would not allow anyone or group of persons from any part of Nigeria to attempt to steal the peoples mandate through the backdoor.

Governor Makinde while addressing the crowd thanked them for their continued support to him and the PDP adding that the victory from the appeal court is not Mankind’s victory but the people as he reassured them of his commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises

Governor Makinde assured that Oyo state is neither Lagos nor Osun state where Lagos or Abuja forces can attempt to tamper with or move to subvert the will of the people noting that APC’ unrelenting legal tussle on a mandate freely given by the people only depicts how desperate they desire to rule the same people that has rejected them through the ballot.

He however enjoined everyone to remain law abiding citizens and to shun any form of action that will disturb public peace no matter how provoked or tempted.

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