Makinde’s Commitment To Honour And Dignity Secret To Good Governance Not Magic – Samuel Adejumobi, S.A Legislative Matters


By Odeh Henry



The special adviser to the executive governor of Oyo State Hon. Adejumobi Samuel Ademola popularly called Agbarapo has described the good governance being witnessed by the state as simple commitment to honour and dignity by governor Seyi Makinde in mixed reactions trailing the payment of August salaries which we gathered was paid on 23rd of August to the amazement of many workers who are still basking in the euphoria of excitements especially the civil servants across the state. Some members of the public have attributed this guesture to the usual early to impress syndrom by governments at the early period of their administrations while many others believe that governor Makinde is here to bring an end to the menace of delayed payment of workers salaries.”


The ex lawmaker and former majority leader of the Oyo assembly who is currently the special adviser to governor Seyi Makinde on legislative matters while reacting to questions from sunrise bulletin news correspondent in his office yesterday on the sustainability of such prompt payment of workers salaries stated that it is not magical for governor Makinde to formulate the policy of prompt payment of workers salaries in particular noting that, it is simply an act of genuine commitment on the part of the governor to serve the people. He said that the governor is a man who is committed to every word of promise made to the people. He noted that some of the strategic designs by the governor to make Oyo work again is by creating the best feelings that propels dedication to service among workers through qualitative welfare package and secondly, by ensuring that contracts are awarded to indigenous firms domiciled in Oyo state. “So that Oyo state money stays in Oyo state, so that Oyo state money no longer gets out of our economy to Lebanon and other foreign countries,” he said.


Hon. Adejumobi stressed that what distinguishes genuine and kind hearted politicians from greedy, wicked, and selfish politicians is not just making promises but by fulfilling them noting that any desperate person can make promises but it takes only a man of honour and integrity such as governor Seyi Makinde to fulfill them like he is doing from the very onset. He said that government is all about trust and when government fails to reciprocate the trust reposed on it by the people then government has breached the trust based social contract with the people it governs.


He said “Everything governor Makinde is doing are not magic, when allocations are received nobody loots them, when IGR is generated nobody transfers or diverts it anywhere that is why the money remains in Oyo state for the people of Oyo state.”


“It is because he is man a of great honour and dignity which he can not trade for all the wealth of this world, that is why as you can see people are still basking in the euphoria of all the people centered and people friendly policies he is executing, Governor Makinde is the first governor in the history of Oyo state who has paid workers salaries on 23rd of the month, that is unprecedented and almost unbelievable but true because he is here just to fix Oyo state from the huge financial mess the last administration got us into.”


“Now, all government workers in the state are getting their salaries on or before 25th of the month and everybody is happy, that is what i call and you will agree with me a welfarist governor, whatever you do if the people are more impoverished, poorer, and unhappy then you have failed as a governor even if you like build skyscrapers and beautiful roads if your policies does not affect the quality of life of the people positively, then you have failed as a governor, unfortunately that was the reality on ground in the last eight years in Oyo state.”

“Ours is government with human face, let me tell you why some people are having the mixed feelings now, it is because they have suffered for too long in the hands of the last administration but let me assure the people of Oyo state that Governor Makinde is not interested in their money because he is a man of great afluence and influence, he is here to make all of us very proud of our dear state once again by restoring the lost glory.


He therefore, adviced anybody hoping and expecting to work with governor Makinde at any government level to have a rethink if their primary goal is to become rich overnight noting that the passion to serve should be their guiding principle.

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