Makinde’s 100 Days In Office: Eulogies Trail Governor Makinde By The Masses

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By Odeh Henry


At a time when some state governments are still struggling to settle down, the executive governor of Oyo state Engr. Seyi Makinde is already attaining new feats and breaking new grounds in terms of proactiveness and execution of sustainable developmental programs and policies within a short period of his first one hundred days in office. It is not unconmon to see some state governors still struggling with composition of their state executive cabinets while others are already grabbing spots in the daily  headlines of news publications in term of developmental policies implementations.


Sunrise Bulletin news correspondence went into town to get feedbacks from the people on the streets and some top government functionaries with regards to Governor Makinde’s performance so far. Below are some of the reactions obtained.


Labake Adebowale (Trader): ” i am very happy that the era of terror is over in the history of Oyo state, even though Ajimobi was a governor he forgot that he did not get there on his own, it is we, the masses that put him there but he failed in so many ways but within the last three months or so you will agree with me that there is a bliss of fresh air in Oyo state across all human facet. Governor Seyi Makinde has started very well and i pray for more strength for him”


Rashidat Abiodun (Trader): I thank God that governor Seyi Makinde is my governor because i feel proud now as an indigen of Oyo state, Seyi Makinde has helped me and my husband with the new free education for all policy, my husband has no job and my small business can not take care of my children school fees but now the three of them will go back to school when school resume, may God continue to guide governor Makinde for us.”


Raji Adeshola (Businessman): “i am not a politician but i think governor Makinde is making everybody happy now because the patronage has increased since workers now get their salaries regularly without excuses, i think Seyi Makinde is the face of a new dawn in Oyo state, i hope he continues like this”


Emeka (Trader): “You see my brother, governor Makinde win the election because people prayer too much, Ajimobi see Oyo state like him private business where he can do and undo without even considering peoples feelings, na so God dey punish wicked man.”


Adeola Mustapha (widow): Seyi Makinde is really performing wonders, all the things that Ajimobi was giving excuses for are the things Seyi Makinde is doing without noise, i wish Seyi Makinde has been our governor since the last eight years, Mr journalist you don’t know how happy i am, i can tell you Ajimobi was our mistake.”


Mosunmola (Trader): “well, for me i believe God’s time is the best, maybe God wanted to teach us lesson that was why we had to experience the very tough eight years of government  administration that almost destroyed many families, Ajimobi tried o but you can not compare him with Seyi Makinde never! May God give our governor long life to help us more as he has promised.”

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