Makinde The Billionnaire Governor As Servant Leader: By Odeh Henry



In the history of Oyo politics since independence, different distuished and great men of wisdom both dead and alive have been blessed with the privilege to take the baton of leadership of Oyo state as a whole not in the capacity of political godfatherism but as an executive governor of the state. Those great men have adorned the history book with their names written in gold. However, while some had good motives with good tenures, some had good motives but bad tenure. While some were victims of their era, some others were abusive of the boundless  opportunities of their era, but in all posterity they say will judge all accordingly.


Success in my view is not measured by the number of houses and cars acquired, it is not how much money that is available at hand or in the bank, or both, but in ones ability to become a staircase through which others at the bottom find their way up because what separates down from up is the presence or absence of a staircase connecting the two. It is from this background that the motivation to write this short article came alive.


Governor Makinde “the talk and do governor” as he is now fondly called by  well wishers and admirers reportedly started his life from a humble background and rose to the top through dedication, commitment, hardwork and focused mind, no wonder he would never give up after two unsuccessful attempts at the number one seat of power in Oyo state. Like the president, this singular act of non acceptance of failure is the secret of his electoral success.


Despite his stupendous wealth and affluence, his continental and global connections among world leaders, he remains humble and freely associates with the very common man on the street through empathy and philantropy per excellence.


Some may think that governor Makinde’s accelerated actions on everything he is set out to do is politically driven, such as prompt payment of workers salaries latest by 25th of the month, dedication of his entire salaries as the governor of Oyo state to pensioners, reopening of roads and bridge that were all closed for public use by the immediate past administration, prompt actions on government policies and programs etc., it is a public record that governor Makinde’s love for the people of Oyo state and the state as a whole is unquantifiable if not unmatched as examplified by his exceptional philantropies and charities to communities, associations, individuals, students of Oyo state origins in tertiary institutions etc.


Governor Makinde before emerging as the governor of Oyo state has continually expended hundreds of millions of naira from his private purse and channelled same through his charity organization “Omi Titun” to improved the standard of living and quality of life of the people in the state.


It is therefore noteworthy to look beyond politics and politicking in assessing the gentle billionnaire governor as it is uncommon in this contemporary society to see such a great achiever and builder of men and women, a leader who stepped down from his comfort zone to be a servant leader of his people by sacrificing his entire business and business network  It is also noteworthy, that as a billionnaire governor he has never allowed his wealth to get a hold of him in his relations with others especially the elders, leaders of thoughts, civil servants, political appointees and  subbordinates both in private and public life. This appears to be a sharp divergence from perception of a former governor of the state, who became very popular for been obsessed with power and afluence thereby, exercising an emperor-like authority on the people in a democratic setting.


Governor Makinde the billionnaire governor has reportedly made  it abundantly clear, that the people will always be at the centre of all his policies and programs. That is why despite the alleged level of rot and financial leakages discovered, he could still match his words with actions by ensuring workers smile to their banks by 25th of every month.


Four years is such a very short time to accomplish all that governor Makinde is set out to achieve but it is also a luxury of time to restore laughter and hope that has eroded the common man on the street in the past few years, and with the pace at which the legislative chamber is tasking itself with workloads and the determination of the executive to deliver, the state is set to be on the right path of economic recovery through sustainable economic plan.

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