Local Contractors To Handle Projects So That Oyo State Money Stays In Oyo State – S.A Legislative Matters, Agbarapo


By Odeh Henry



The special adviser to the executive governor of Oyo state honourable Adejumobi Samuel Ademola popularly called Agbarapo has stated that one of the ways the last administration under Sen Abiola Ajimobi further improverished Oyo state was by contracting almost all capital projects to foreigners and  importation of foreign labourers to execute projects and jobs that local contractors and labourers can handle thereby, depleting the state economy of its funds that ordinarily should be circulaing within the system.


He noted that it is very callous and wicked of the last administration to have undermined quality and capability of local contractors and labourers to favour foreigners who moved the bulk of contract funds out of the state economy thereby creating artificial poverty in the state.


He said “One of the things governor Makinde is poised to do to create a revolving wealth in Oyo state is the engagement of local contractors and labourers in execution of capital projects so that Oyo state money can stay in Oyo state, that way the governor plans to end the problem of capital flight and Ajimobi imposed poverty in the state.”


“Former governor Ajimobi through his actions when he was governor showed that he had no trust for local contractors nor regards for their expertise, unfortunately, those foreign contractors came,  move the bulk of the money out of state to their countries, they even buy their materials from outside of Nigeria, import labourers who are not even at per with our local labourers if properly monitored and made the state poorer.”


“Let me tell you, the problem we have with local contractors is not quality but monitoring, we have exceptionally good local contractors that can deliver a global standard job if properly monitored,  but for unjustifiable reasons best known to the immediate past government it resorted to abandonment of our local workforce, that is an area our God sent man engr. Seyi Makinde has spotted to correct, as you can see for yourself that all the policies and programs of governor Makinde are people centered.”


He stated further that the state could not be talking of creating wealth while giving jobs meant for our people to foreigners, governor Seyi Makinde has persistently emphersised his desires to spread Oyo state wealth across the length and breath of Oyo state, and engaging local players is one of the key areas spotted in the governor’s drive to put an end to poverty in the state.

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