Landlord stops rent to enable tenant save money for her own house



A Twitter user, Domino, has revealed that her landlord and landlady decided to stop collecting rent from her for the next three years, to enable her save enough money to build her own home.

She shared the story on her Twitter handle, @LaBelleMossie on Wednesday. Domino said, “Guys, my landlord (and lady) have asked me to stop paying rent. Ati we are practically family now. They want me to save up and finish building so they’re drafting a contract which will allow me to stay in their house rent-free for the next three years!.

They say they don’t need the money. What they need is to empower youths like me to become independent. Mwebantu, what planet are these people from?!”

Domino, whose bio reveals her location as Oran in Algeria was quite surprised by the actions of her landlord and wife, whom she said are aged 31 and 29 respectively.

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