Just In: Nigeria Was Never And Is Not Rich – Nigeria Senate President, Ahmad Lawan


By Henry Odeh

President of the Nigerian Senate of the federal republic, Senator Ahmad Lawan, has said that Nigeria has never been a rich country, contrary to the perception and belief possessed by the Nigerians.

Speaking at a book launch in Abuja, the lawmaker and president of the 9th National Assembly (NASS) explained that there is a great misconception about the wealth of Nigeria.

He, however, admitted that with the enormous resources of the country, Nigeria should have moved beyond where it is had the resources been properly channelled.

“Nigeria was never and is not a rich country, It may be controversial but it’s true,” Lawan submitted while addressing the audience. Ahmad Lawan might have offended Nigerians when he said the country is not as rich as frequently perceived.

“Yet we felt we were rich, but we weren’t. But given the resources that we had and still have, we should be somewhere far ahead than where we are today.

“We shouldn’t have been with this massive infrastructure deficit, we shouldn’t have 14 million children out of school.” The Senate president also assured that the current government will do everything possible to channel the available resource towards the betterment of Nigerians.

He explained that it is the responsibility of government to provide security for the people and other infrastructures that will bring dividends of democracy closer to Nigerians. “We are in a position of leadership by the grace of God and by the endorsement of our people.

“We owe our people the responsibility and obligation that with the little that we have, we must provide security for our people,” Lawan concluded.

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