Just In: Makinde’s Chief Of Staff, Bisi Ilaka, Distances Self From 2023 Governorship Posters


By Henry Odeh


Chief of staff to the executive governor of Oyo state, Chief Luqman Oyebisi Ilaka, has distanced himself from posters circulating some parts of the state as a governorship hopeful ahead of 2023 election.

Sunrisebulletin.com gathers that some posters carrying the picture of Chief Ilaka, who is also the Ladilu of Oyo kingdom, as 2023 governorship hopeful on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Chief Ilaka has however declared that the poster was a handiwork of what he described as evil machinations by those working hard to create disaffection between himself and the governor with the aim of distorting the very cordial relationship that exists between them.

He said: “The attention of Chief Bisi Luqman Ilaka, Chief of Staff to Governor Seyi Makinde, has been drawn to some campaign posters being circulated on social media by unscrupulous individuals linking Chief Ilaka with a non-existing governorship ambition.

“It is so obvious that those behind the evil agenda are envious of the very cordial relationship between the amiable and performing Governor Seyi Makinde and his Chief of Staff and are therefore hellbent on driving a wedge between them.

“It is not surprising that these faceless individuals, after terribly failing in their machinations to smear the Chief of Staff through various tales (and they being apostles of lee mo -hang it on him kind of politics), have chosen the ignoble path of a phoney governorship aspiration to give Chief Ilaka a bad name and hang him and they will continue to fail.

“Governor Makinde, who is reputed as the people’s Governor, even beyond the shores of Oyo State, is doing very very well and will be given a second term mandate by the good people of Oyo State, no matter how hard these political jobbers try to spin untruth and disseminate same.

“The general public is advised to ignore such poster. Chief Ilaka knew the governorship existed before he chose to contest as Senator. 2023 is in God’s hands. Ilaka is focused on delivering on what Governor Makinde assigned to him,” he concluded.

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