By Odeh Henry

it was a wonderful time with prophet Olatunji Olapade the General overseer and founder of Christ Disciples Restoration Rhema Assembly Int.l when Sunrise Bulletin news correspondent paid the firebrand and vibrant man of God a courtesy call. In a society where unemployment and desire for quick acquisition of wealth is daily becoming prevailent among many people in Nigeria, it is very rare for a man of God to turn down monies offered as offering from church worshippers. in a bid to unravel some of the motivations that propelled such spiritual energy to reject such offer and other issues bothering on the church as a body of christ, Sunrise Bulletin had a chat with the Prophet. Excerpt.

SRB: Can you briefly tell us about yourself sir.

Prophet Lapade: My names are Prophet Olatunji Olapade of Christ Disciples Restoration Rhema Assembly Int.l located at Adegbayi Alakia, behind Arolat Filling station, Ibadan.

SRB: Sir, can you share with us how you encountered God.

Prophet Lapade: Ah! how i encountered God is a miracle, even though i was born into a christian home with my mothewer as an evangelist at the church she attended then, i was still living a life without christ. the first person that tried to convert me into a child of God is someone very close to me, i actually accepted but it was not long before i returned to my old ways. the person God eventually sent to me to preach the gospel that changed my life completely is Reverend Success Ibikunle. He was the one who affirmed to me that i have a calling of God upon my life to work as a preacher of the gospel. afterward i had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ who revealed himself to me and instructed to me to go and make certain inquiries from my mother before i was born concerning who i am. then i met with my mother who is late now, and inquired from her, it was during that inquiry that my mother told me i was her fifth child before i stayed, the previous four died after birth. and during the time of my pregnancy Gods angel appeared to her in a dream and told her the child she was carrying will not die because he is to a prophet of God. it was after hearing these things that changed my life completely from sinful life to holy life, and ever since then i have lost all desires and cravings for worldy things. the hunger for soul winning and salvation of souls becomes paramount in my heart. although i do not drink alcohol and i do not smoke but i womanize alot during those sinful days.

SRB: Sir, during one of your interview on a popular radio program in Ibadan that was monitored by Sunrise Bulletin, you talked about first and second cry of men, can you tell us more about what you mean by this?

Prophet Lapade: God told me to warn the world against the second cry, i explained that the first cry happens after a new child is born, even if such child did not cry at birht the child’s mother will tap the baby to cry as it is a cry of joy that will enable all to congratulate the mother for victory over child labour. it is a common tradition in this part of the world. The second cry is when we exit or transit from this life to face judgement. The second cry is not expected of any man if he lives uprightly before God but satan having received condemnation and doomed for hell fire wants as many as possible to join him in hell fire with their cry of regrets. In the book of Look, the Lord made me understand what happened between Lazarus and the rich man in the Bible, the rich man cried the second cry that will last till eternity but Lazarus did not. The rich man during his life time had all the chances to live uprightly with his wealth and afluence but he lived the way he wanted believing that there is no other place after the earthly life, unfortunately the rich man died and found himself in hell fire, he was in unspeakable pain and unquenchable thirst but when he lifted up his eyes and saw Lazarus the poor filthy beggerat his table on earth at the bossom of Abraham, he cried out in a loud voice for Abraham to allow Lazarus quench his thirst with just a drop of water from the tip of his finger but it was too late to cry. so it was from this that the Lord spoke to me to warn the world about the second cry. If you go round today you will see many people abusing the power entrusted to them in government, many misusing the wealth given to them by God, in other to avert the second cry which may be too late to reverse, that is why i am warning the world as a message from God. there are many men and women in the ministry that will cry the second time because they have strayed from their callings. you will observe that most churches where the truth as thought in the bible are preached are always lacking in large members because people only want to hear what satisfies them, very few wants to hear the truth these days. that is why churches that preaches prosperity above salvation keep increasing everywhere.

SRB: Can you share your experience as a prophet of God in the ministry with us?

Prophet Lapade: i really thank God for this question you just asked me. God has helped me with lots of experiences as a minister in the ministry. at least i have been in the ministry for over 22years now and of the many experience i have had is one which is absence of truth from in the church. Many today are trying to give bad image to the church because of their greed but no man or woman can discredit the work of God. back in the days of old, during the time of the likes of apostle Ayo Babalola, apostle Babajide, apostle Akande at Ede in Osun state, apostle Oyelami etc. those that have slept in the  Lord and others who are still alive such as apostle S.K. Abiara, Baba Olowere etc these great men of God never handled God’s work as it today. experience has thought me that a genuine Prophet of God is not known only by his words but also his deeds. you will hear so many pastors on radio talking excellently well today but when you move close to them you will realize that they are direct opposite of what they preach. thank God when you came in you did not find anybody’s pictures or portraits adorning the church premises, reason is that Jesus Christ is the foundation and the head of this commission in whom i rest my faith and believes. That is why i decline many invitations i receives from churches to come and minister, some may think it is pride but it not. most alters have lost their fire and you are not careful as a man of God you may lose your fire on such alters on the grounds of honourariums and financial gains. i am not saying these churches are bad but truthg be told only few still carry the fire of the holy ghost on them. experience has also thought me that joblessless has led so many into hearing strange calls into the ministry almost on daily basis. how can anybody claimed to be called by God and be getting church members pregnant in secret affairs? how can anybody says God called him and be chasing money and wealth ahead of soul winning? how can anybody says he is called by God and be fighting over worldly titles? but in all this i believe God will not allow his work to suffer by upholding true servants which i believe i am one.

SRB: Sir, one issue that has been bothering the minds of many christians in Nigeria is the role of Christian Association of Nigeria CAN in protecting the interest of the church and christians in Nigeria. In your view can you say that can CAN as an umbrella body of all churches in Nigeria has lived up to its mandate?

Prophet Lapade: You see, only God knows his true worshippers, the bible says among my people lies the wicked ones, we have many among CAN members who are genuine men and women of God and we have others who are after their selfish desires. i think the christian association of Nigeria has been seriously politicised. it is now a serious battle to clinch certain offices which never used to be so in time past. although it is not right to judge anyone and i am not by any means judging anyone but according to what i am observing CAN is not there yet in terms of its responsibilities. there is a lot that still needs to be done. many christians and the church in the north are subjected to persecution on daily basis, go to the north and see for yourself, those of us in the south here are enjoying, how many of these christains and churches has CAN risen in defense? so in my view CAN has not lived up to its mandate. that is all i have to say about that.

SRB: Sir, what is your view on devoted christians participation in politics?

Prophet Lapade: You see, one big mistake christians are making is avoiding to participate in politics, that is why we will continue to be ruled by unbelievers. Nigeria is populated with many christians so if we truly wish to make great impacts we as christians should be involved in politics so as to be the drivers of the change we seek.

SRB: Looking at your physical outlook you look graciously young but your wealth of wisdom is deep sir.

Prophet Lapade: Thank you very much, it is the grace of God.

SRB: Sir, on a final note, what advice will you give the governor of Oyo state Engineer Syi Makinde and president Muhammadu Buhari on issues of security?

Prophet Lapade: My advice to our governor, governor Seyi Makinde is that he should give God a place in his government, i believe before he emerged as the governor he must have gone to several churches in prayers and seeking God’s favour, now he has been favoured by God he should not allow satan distract him from honouring God in his government through fulfilment of all his electoral promises to the people. i believe God will guide and see him through. he should also learn from mistakes of past government and make corrections where necessary so that he will not share the same fate with them after government….then my advice for president Muhammadu Buhari is that he should be genuinely committed to his electoral promises, he should remember how many times he made attempts before God favoured him and now he is running his second term of office, that means God is telling him to use his time well. He should eradicate insurgency by boko haram and killer herdsmen. . He should create good roads, provide electricity and provide adequate security for Nigerians. Any president that is able to achieve these three things successfully will forever be remembered in the hearts of all Nigerians.

SRB: Thank you very much for your time sir.

Prophet Lapade: thank you for having me.

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