GSM And The GSMists: A Hybrid Collaboration for Citizens Engagement & Political Visibility – Ọmọbá Adésọlá Kọláwọlé-Oníkòyí (mnitp, rtp)


GSM & The GSMists: A Hybrid Collaboration for Citizens Engagement & Political Visibility – Ọmọbá
Adésọlá Kọláwọlé-Oníkòyí (mnitp, rtp)

When we floated the now obiquitous movement known across Nigeria as The GSMists early in 2021, it was out of conviction that GSM, the performing Governor of Oyo State has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is capable to deliver on his promises to the electorate as captured in his popular “Roadmap to Accelerated Development.”

Three years into his first four year term, GSM another version of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo has broken the myth around infrastructure development and responsive compassionate leadership. A leadership that is not only driven by science, data and logic, but substantial empathy.

Not much was expected from him as a new comer given the painful and torturous eight straight years of oppression endured under his immediate predecessor. However, by midterm, our own Starboy, beyond expectation showed even his traducers and naysayers that he was a different breed.

Midterm into this republic, a few landmark achievements have convincingly placed GSM on a higher pedestal of political leadership. Calm and calculative, GSM began to change the development narrative one project at a time.

First, GSM went for the soul of the region synonymous with agriculture also known as the food basket of Oyo State.

Today, across the Upper Ogun River Region (Oke-Ogun), a region that was once ignored, neglected and abandoned to rot, GSM has brought reassurance and hope using the instrumentality of quality infrastructure to open it up more further, fast-tracking mobility and access for citizens.

From Ibadan to Iseyin; Saki to Sepeteri; Iseyin to Oyo; from Iseyin to Oyo to Ogbomoso; and still counting, GSM has unlocked this expansive landlocked corridor to wholesome Agribusiness investors and investments.

Fasola in Iseyin built by Awolowo but abandoned by successive governments in coming back to life as an Agribusiness Hub. The light up Oyo Project is beaming light across the entire Oyo landscape. Ditto for government interventions in primary healthcare. The transportation sector is not left behind just as pensioners and workers keep praying for a Governor that prioritizes their welfare.

The contentious issue of ownership that left LAUTECH the State University stranded for several years was solved noiselessly by GSM in his first year in office. This remarkable feat was initially considered a rumour until details filtered into public space. Today, LAUTECH, that was jointly owned by both Oyo and Osun States is now solely owned by Oyo State. The University, which is also reputed as the best State University in Nigeria is now on the path of becoming one of the best multi-campus University in the country.

It is against the backdrop of the several feats of GSM in governance that our movement, that our movement, The GSMists began to look at consolidation and synergy as essential links to spread the news of GSM’s legacies and his good governance orientation to the nooks and cranny of Oyo State and beyond.

The GSMists as a formidable group comprises technocrats pushing the frontiers in their different fields of endeavor. From Surveyors to Engineers to Architects to Medical Doctors to Town Planners to Accountants to Farmers and Enterprise Owners, The GSMists is akin to an uncommon pool of both elites and non-elitist grassroot mobilizers.

The interesting aspect is that The GSMists is not only restricted to the ruling PDP, we have been able to galvanize support for GSM across professional, political, religious and ethnic complexes. There are several non-partisan entities within The GSMists fold including civil servants volunteering as on-ground and online canvassers for the re-election of Governor Seyi Makinde and the projection of his legacies.

The GSMists runs a super structure that has been cascaded into every ward and polling unit in Oyo State. We have a team covering all layers across the 33 LGAs, 351 Political Wards and the former 4783 PU. Now, The GSMists covers the new 6390 Polling Units in Oyo State.

Our structure is hybrid as we operate using modern technological tools for real-time mobilization and physical convergence platforms from Ward to Ward when the need arises. Complimenting this is our verifiable membership database which is second to none.

Our robust membership spread is unique and this is supported with the now popular monthly publication called “The GSMists”. Our capacity for mobilization is inestimable and the driving force is the volunteer spirit of our members, Senatorial District, LGA and Ward Coordinators who are not paid for what they do.

As GSMists, we have taken it upon ourselves not just to support and canvass for GSM but to equally align with aspiration of all candidates presented by the PDP to run for various offices in 2023.

As we step on the threshold of another landmark election season, our non-negotiable mission is to return GSM to Agodi Government house with a plethora of votes and a landslide victory unprecedented in the history of Oyo State.

The GSMists…
One Love…
One Mission…
GSM 4+4


Ọmọbá ‘Sọlá Kọláwọlé-Oníkòyí, a certified Town Planner and former Students Union President at LAUTECH, Ogbomoso coordinates the Upper Ogun River Region (Oyo North) for The GSMists

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