Group Kicks Against Acceptance Fee Policy Charge By University Of Ibadan


Group Kicks Against Acceptance Fee Policy Charge By University Of Ibadan

Stakeholders, including students, parents, educational rights organisations and students’ bodies have come together to form COALITION AGAINST ACCEPTANCE FEES, Nigeria, with the aim to ensure that acceptance fee policy across many tertiary institutions, whom have required newly admitted students to pay varying sum is brought to halt, also standing in an attempt to prevent the commoditizing of education in Nigeria.

The Coalition understands that admission seekers to the University of Ibadan have secured their admissions by due process. Therefore, sees no need to levy an exorbitant fee to ‘accept’ admissions, after manually doing so on the JAMB CAPS portal. Also knowing well that no service is being rendered in exchange of the fee, the Coalition therefore considers the required fee undue and illegitimate.

Further more, the National University Commission’s (NUC) Executive Secretary, Professor Abubakar Adamu Rasheed, on 13th February 2020, as a guest on NTA’s Platform, discussing the topic “Administration of Nigeria’s Tertiary Education: Challenges and Projection” is quoted to have said

“we (NUC) have received a communication from the Senate and from the National Assembly and we have communicated to all Universities in the country to stop charging acceptance fee henceforth. There is no question of acceptance fee again. We have now written, last week and we are going to monitor this. There should be no acceptance fee again, whether it is Five thousand or Fifty thousand, nobody should charge acceptance fee again”.

As parents and guardians are recently trying to get back on their feet, after the affective blows that the COVID19 pandemic dealt into the economy, the Coalition considers it unjust and unacceptable that institutions will go ahead to charge exorbitantly for an acceptance fee that can only be tagged illegitimate.

That acceptance fee in the University of Ibadan stands at Thirty seven thousand, five hundred naira this year and also as above the Nigerian minimum wage, it only suggests that tertiary education in Nigeria is gradually becoming exclusive to the bourgeois class. This simply means that a civil servant earning minimum wage, deciding to save 50% of his or her monthly earnings, will have to save for three months before he or she can save up the acceptance fee charged in University of Ibadan. Whereas, it is worthy of note that the University has given only one month for its payment, stating that there will be no extension after the deadline. We hereby condemn and refuse that the educational sector be run with a highest bidder model. We understand that there is an underfunding of tertiary institutions by government, we however condemn this. Moreover, we refuse to be the victims of the vicious economic system.

Rather than levying an increased acceptance fee on newly admitted students, we advice that the University administrators join the solidarity front with Academic Staff Universities Union and Non-Academic Staff Union to pressure the Federal Government into doing the necessary, which is duly funding the tertiary institutions.

Our demands are the following;

1. We call on Universities across Nigeria to scrap the acceptance fee policy in order to allow an unbiased and uninhibited access to tertiary education in the country.

2. Universities such as the University of Ibadan, which have begun collection of acceptance fee should convert the received fee to tuition fee of the admitted students.

3. The Coalition Against Acceptance Fee call on the NUC to monitor and ensure the compliance of all Universities within the country to its directive.

4. We call on the Federal Government and State Government to respectively fund Federal and State owned Tertiary institutions across the country. This is to prevent the establishment of unscrupulous policies in Nigeria tertiary institutions.

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