Ghana Xhenophobic Attacks – Nigeria Protest


By Odeh Henry




Following the unanticipated attack on some Nigerians traders resident in Ghana few days ago, the Nigerian government has protested against such recurrence. Speaking in a meeting with the Ghanian High commissioner to Nigeria Amb. Rashid Bawa. Mrs. Abike Dabiri Erewa who is the chief Executive Officer/Chairman, Nigerian Diaspora Commission (NDC) noted that an offence committed by a single individual should not be taken out on the generality of Nigerians populace resident in Ghana. She however emphasized that Nigeria has so much investments in the Ghanian economy ranging from banking, education, sports, entertainment etc. which makes Nigeria a key player in the Ghanian economic development.


She said: “We need your assurances from Nigerian traders particularly in Ghana of their protection. We are here to appeal to you to protect Nigerians in Ghana, especially the traders, and to ensure that such an incident will not happen anymore.”


She further noted that Nigeria and Ghana have come a long way together for such xhenophobic attack on Nigerians to reoccur stressing the need for continious peaceful coexistence between the two countries. Mrs. Abike Dabiri in her remark demands for adequate protection of lives and properties of all Nigerians legally resident in Ghana.


“We have a lot of investments in Ghana in education, banking, real estate and all that, that is helping the Ghanaian economy. So we are here to complain about what happened yesterday and to ensure that it doesn’t happen again so that Nigerians living legally in Ghana will be protected,” she said.

In his response, the Ghanian envoy appealed for calm stressing that all that is required to forestall a recurrent of such incident is being put in place noting that long term relationship enjoy by the two countries will not be allowed to strain.


He said, “What happened three days ago was shocking . Some Ghanaians took laws into their hands and locked up the shops of some Nigerians , but nothing was vandalized and the President has directed an investigation . The President would not allow the relations between Ghana and Nigeria to be destroyed . He was in Abuja during the Sallah to celebrate with President Muhammadu Buhari . ”

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