George Kushi CPS To The Deputy Governor Adamawa State Appointed As Interim Chairman Forum Of Heads Of Media To Deputy Governors In Nigeria.


Mr. George Kushi the Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor of Adamawa State has been selected as the interim Chairman Forum Of Heads Of Media To Deputy Governors In Nigeria.

In a letter made available to and signed by Ekikere Umoh CPS to the Deputy Governor Akwa Ibom State and Chairman of the selection committee reads in part

” Consequent upon the resolution of the membership of this forum for us to serve in the Appointment Committee with a mandate to midwife an executive committee for the forum, and sequel to the general consensus that Mr. George Kushi Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy Governor of Adamawa State be selected as the interim Chairman of this forum, in affirmation we do hereby endorse the appointment of Mr. George Kushi as Chairman Forum Of Heads Of Media To Deputy Governors in Nigeria”.

Below is a full text of the acceptance speech of Mr George Kushi on his appointment as the the Chairman Forum of Heads of Media Of Deputy Governor’s In Nigeria.


Esteemed colleagues,

It is with a great sense of humility that I take the responsibility after you all have bestowed on me the leadership of this Forum of select media practitioners and professional media political appointees whose responsibility is to project not only the image of Deputy Governors in Nigeria, but by extension all Governors and the image of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
For that reason, I do not take lightly the tasks that lie before us individually and collectively.

Although we are living in very challenging times that make it impossible for us to be gathered in one place due to COVID-19 pandemic, our decision to converge on social media is prove that we can rise to the challenge of asymmetrically radical problems and come up with radical solutions that are equal to the challenges we face. Our meetings will hold physicaly the moment the FG lifts the ban on travel, so this meeting will not be the last as subsequently such meetings will hold and those that can’t make it to subsequent meetings can partake in deliberations via the internet. As the internet helps us to break physical obstacles, so will the bond of friendship amongst us be cemented.

Highly esteemed colleagues, it is a good thing that we purposely decided to be in a forum that will professionally enrich us and enable us to carry out the desired functions that our principals entrust on us. It is also heartening to note that despite different political cleavages, we have come together under one umbrella to articulate and discuss issues that will not only further the causes of our principals, but to also help our various states and the people of Nigeria who our principals have sworn to serve. By extension, their oath is our oath, since by appointing us, they have shown confidence in our abilities to speak effectively for them. As managers of information and spokespersons of Deputy Governors much is expected of us. While we serve as gate-keepers of information flowing out from our principals, we must be vigilant enough to carefully monitor society and take adequate actions that will serve the best interest of the people, which is the purpose and focus of all tiers of government.

As managers of information, the most valuable commodity today, we hold the key not only to social control but also the potential of causing disputes and social disaffection. These factors are only a few of the reasons that call for the coordinated efforts of members of this forum. It for this reason that we need to put our heads together, to advice each other by keeping constant contact and clarifying issues that run across the country. This way, our coordinated efforts will help our data base of happenings in the country and the world at large.

It is of utmost importance that our Association which cuts across membership of one person from each of the thirty (36) states of the Federation is free of party affiliation, gender discrimination or religious inclinations . We are pure professionals. It is equally heartwarming to note and appreciate the four female Chief Press Secretaries amongst us. After all in our Media parlance we have always posited that the women are equally “PRESS MEN”. You all are a testament to this assertion.

The positions we hold today is not for simpletons, it is for the fast and responsive that can effectively and positively take decisions.

Our positions are not only as information managers, but as people close to the Deputy Governors and by extension servants of the State Government, therefore our advisory role cannot be put off our schedules. We therefore are not only government servants, but information controllers, disaster managers and advisers to the government of which we are part and parcel of.

At this juncture I cannot fail to show appreciation for the confidence you reposed in me considering the fact that all of us are equally qualified to hold such office. That is why I will serve this forum with humility and at the same time do all possible to uplift this forum to the best level of modern practices of media work.

Our prompt response and the enthusiasm we all exhibited towards achieving this Nobel cause goes a long way in defining our seriousness which will not be taken for granted by my leadership.

Esteemed colleagues, I hold you all in high esteem, I am grateful to you for what you have done for me. It is my believe that this forum will be the pathfinder that will pioneer the modern way media professionals will carry out their thankless duties of organizing, educating, agitating and mobilizing society to the glory of God and the benefit of mankind.
Our motto says it all “Connectivity is power” , it is therefore gladdening to state that our coming together has now bonded us powerfully and there is the need for all of us to leverage on this connection so as to enhance positivity in our Primary assignments.

Thank you very much. May God bless us all.

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