Femi Kuti Band Member Abscond in the USA.


Mr. Aghedo Andrew one of the band member of Afro singer Femi Kuti and his sister Yeni has reportedly deserted the band 20 minutes before there scheduled concert in the USA.

Mr Andrew, a bassist was slated to perform with the band at a concert, but he virtually disappeared without trace, leaving the band in a very precarious position.

Femi Kuti, who is the son of the legendary Afro beat legend Fela Kuti took to Twitter to narrate his bitter expirience, he however praised the remaining member of the band for holding forth and ensuring a successful show.
Femi Kuti said he was disappointed with Mr, Andrew has done, considering that he could have resigned properly and travel to wherever he wants, since he is well paid, and have several visas stamped on his passport.

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