Ex Fed Rep, Fijabi Carpets Odidi Omo Over Goats For Empowerment, Destruction Of Constituency Projects


By Henry Odeh




Ex Fed Rep, Fijabi Carpets Odidi Omo Over Goats For Empowerment, Destruction Of Constituency Projects




A two-term federal lawmaker who represented Ibadan Southwest/Northwest Federal Constituency between 2011 and 2019, Hon Saheed Fijabi has berated his successor for distributing goats to his constituents as an empowerment scheme.

Fijabi who is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo State made the disclosure while featuring on IBR 92.5 in Ibadan on Saturday (yesterday) on a political programme anchored by Anuoluwapo Omorinde.

Fijabi who could not hold back his displeasure while speaking on the radio also asked Odidi Omo to check himself closely over an allegation that same members of his constituency destroyed some of his constituency projects.

The former lawmaker described the act of empowering constituents with goats in a 21st century as shameful, disgraceful and barbaric.

It will be recalled that Honourable Stanley Adedeji otherwise known as Odidi Omo representing Ibadan Southwest/Northwest federal constituency sometime midyear empowered members his his federal constituency with goats and other items.

In a move to affirm his position, Fijabi threw up an open challenge and urged the anchor of the radio programme to pair himself and his successor together on his programme to compare and contrast their achievements as federal lawmakers.

“Going to three years now, I have decided not to talk about him. I have given him his own space, let him enjoy himself, let the people compare. I have never heard about the destruction of his constituency projects. I don’t know if he has done any project.

“I have never seen anything he has done. I have never seen what he has done so far. I have have walked the length and breath of Ibadan Northwest/Southwest Federal Constituency, only what I saw at Ososami junction was just solar light and what else? What’s my business with you?

“The destruction of his projects could have been as a result of their intraparty conflict. It is his time, he gonna use it.If I destroyed the projects, will they be beneficial to me. The beneficiaries are there to benefit from it.

“He should be worried and people who voted for him should be worried that who did you vote for, who is the leader leading us?

“I will say it over and over again, we have done tremendously well, I surpassed by predecessors in bringing good governance into the federal constituency. I have given my successor time to operate and I have given the people to now judge.

“I think the problem is between him and the people. I don’t raise thuggery, I don’t support thuggery, I go on my own, I drive myself, so if I am supporting thuggery, I shouldn’t be free.What’s my business with him?

” He should look inwards, he should really sit down and look inwards. My name is Fijabi, I have a good name, my father has a good name, it suggests we are the best and people should look out for us.

“What has he done? You get! People have been comparing, bring him on, bring him on, let’s sit down together, let me ask him some questions, yeah! Bring him on. Bring anyone of them on, let’s ask them what have they done.”

“What are they looking to do? How are they doing it? They are doing empowerments, they are buying eran (goats) using goats as empowerment (goats), that’s w shame. You’re doing empowerment, you claimed to have given people 2000 people empowerments, it’s a shame at this time, 20 what?

“2021 in the city of Ibadan, a metropolitan city? How you go ahead and bring goats? Not rams, not cows but goats that my grandma reared in her backyard. You’re now bringing our people so down, so low, giving them a goat each to go and rear for what?

“That’s a shame on a governance in Nigeria, it’s a shame on the governance of Ibadan Southwest/Northwest Federal Constituency. We raised the stake.

“He is the first to do such and I believe he would be the last to do such, that’s a shame on us, don’t you know? It’s a shame. Don’t forget, two and half years ago, down the road, he kept saying he was not going to do empowerment but now what is he doing? What has he done?

“He claimed he is from this part of the world, that they understand what they are doing and see what he is doing now. He has joined us by buying okada (motorcycles) that he said he was not gonna buy. If my brother said he wasn’t gonna do something, why would he back and do it?

“Let me tell you, I have never mentioned a party here today, I have never mentioned anybody’s name on the programme today.” angry Fijabi said.

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