El’ Rufai’s  Audacity Of Hypocrisy By George Kushi


El’ Rufai’s  Audacity Of Hypocrisy By George Kushi

The affairs of our beloved nation Nigeria have always defied objective analysis; no thanks to our highly corrupt and selfish leadership that had harbored those that have hidden under the wings of the APC. Otherwise how do we explain the hues and cries of El-Rufai and his ilk since the resolve of the federal government to change the higher denominations began?

El-Rufai,the “wise man” that called the Senators of the Federal Republic bunch of fools some years back has now lost the ability to call a spade ,a spade. In the last few days ,the wise has become even wiser in choosing in which direction to shower invectives. Wisely enough despite knowing the person responsible,he chose to direct his venomous attacks on those he called cabal in the villa and the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria,Mr.Godwin Emefiele as if he is the final say over the issue.

All Nigerians know that Emefiele’s actions have the blessing of oga pata pata, President Muhammadu Buhari who has openly,and on more than one occasion owned up to the CBN’s decision. If you listened to the President’s broadcast today, he did not mince words in taking responsibility, he used phrases like ” I have directed ” I have authorized ” Etc. Now then, Is there any doubt as to the author of this drama? Buhari has not claimed ignorance or even neutrality over the issue. Why then is Emefiele the target of attack? The answer is what all right thinking Nigerians have known,what we have been saying all along ; the APC is built around the Buhari personality cult like followership.

None of them dare utters a word against the godly figure whim their destiny hangs. Therefore Emefiele has to bear the brunt borne out the frustration El-Rufai and his ilk. As the man that gave them a second life ,he cannot be challenged. What we are seeing now will soon be followed by another of El-Rufai’s nature; betrayal.

Lest we forgot,Atiku Abubakar mentored El-Rufai,gave him choice offices, trusted him on the privatizatition management of the federal government,but what he got was a brutish stab that the Waziri Adamawa has not commented on.
El-Rufai Rufai has come so far through treachery,but the end of the road is not far.

Some days back Hajiya Naja’atu Mohammed ,who recently decamped to the PDP,leaving behind a high APC seat in their presidential campaign team was on ARISE TV where she spoke a quarter to a mile on his character. What else can one say on this issue. What can El-Rufai do but harangue Emefiele? When Don Corleone’s consiglori failed to convince the great film producer and later found his priceless racing horse beheaded,he rained invectives and threats at the messenger.

So ,what message do we learn from the above. A Hausa proverb about the witch’s daughter goes like this”Ana tsoron mu da mama”,”they are afraid of us,me and my mother”.
They know the hand is Esau’s, but the voice is Jacob’s,yet they prefer to bay at the the harmless moon.

Be men. Address the man that gave instructions. Harangue Mr. President,send the message directly to Buhari or hide your tails between your legs and sulk away.

Kushi writes in anger!!!

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