Eid-El Fitr: Do Not Give Up On Nigeria, This Period Too Shall Pass – Oyo PDP Charges Residents


By Henry Odeh

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Oyo state chapter, has said that there is light at the end of the tunnel for Nigeria and Nigerians stressing that people should not as a matter of genuine commitment to one nation under God, give up on the country as a result of the overwhelming challenges bedeveling the country presently.

The Spokesman of the ruling party in Oyo state, Engr Akeem Olatunji in a signed press statement on Tuesday which was made available to journalists noted that the current challenges Nigeria is faced with is not peculiar to the country as every great countries of the world have their stories to tell in the process of evolving.

According to the statement, Oyo state PDP maintained that Nigerians must not give up on Nigerians because of the failure of the All Progressives Congress (APC) led federal government to deliver on its primary responsibility adding that behind every dark tunnel is always the light, urging Nigerians not to get carried away by the sad news that daily find spots on pages of newspapers and news headlines.

Oyo state PDP explained that Ramadan season is specially unique not only for Muslims but also mankind because it is a period that embodies love, forgiveness, hope, peace, renewed faith, affection and compassion, especially among Nigerians.

“It is with great delight we bring good tidings in the name of Allah (S.A.W) to all Residents of Oyo state and by extension Nigerians.

“The current situation in Nigeria is clear manifestation of derailment from the core foundation of unity, peace, and progress which were laid by our founding fathers.

“Any Nigerian who gives up on Nigeria on the ground of frustration and lack of trust in the present federal government under APC would have a justifiable ground but patriotism is only tested when one’s allegiance is faced with tough challenges that threatens ones loyalty and faith in a system.

“The Seyi Makinde led PDP government in Oyo state from day-1 has repeatedly displayed an unprecedented level of commitment to good governance by showing genuine commitment to its electoral promises which include but not limited to free and quality education for all, quality healthcare, security, critical infrastructures and sound economy.

“It is our belief in PDP particularly in Oyo state that all these areas put together, with purposeful leadership such that is being championed by Governor Seyi Makinde, the quality of life will greatly increase and people will be happy with government.

“The various challenges which emanated from emboldened criminal elements both imported and domestic to perpetrate crime at the highest level of our bewilderment poised a serious threat to our unity as a nation and we believe that now is the time for all Nigerians to renew their hope because Nigeria belongs to Nigerians and Nigerians alone.

“The Seyi Makinde led PDP government has been able to surmount security challenges which were fallouts from failure of the APC led federal government but we know it is not over yet therefore, our government in Oyo state will to show commitment towards breaking new grounds and setting new records as a political party providing good governance and making prosperity abundant for all.

“Eid-El Fitr is not just an annual Islamic exercise that is just being observed by Muslims across the world but also a period of sober reflection at this particular point on the unity and progress of Nigeria as a Nation, to think about how far we have come, where we are, and where we equally go from here.

“No nation on earth is perfect or has attained perfection or near perfection therefore, we urge the very good people of Oyo state and Nigerians as a whole regardless of religion, ethnicity, or social strata, to remain committed to the unity of Nigeria as a nation.

“Ramadan is particularly special because it affords us all especially as Muslims to observe the season with utmost caution on all human activities therefore, we urge all residents in the state that this period too shall pass in our history as a people regardless the challenges that threatens our very foundation as a nation.

“The strength in our diversity as a people has kept us together thus far, and it is important to at this point focus on all the factors that make us Nigerians than those differences that further divide us.

“Regardless of the political climate, we as the ruling party in Oyo state will continue to consolidate on the success of the Seyi Makinde led PDP administration in providing good governance, to lead the south west region and by extension Nigeria in the path of examplary leadership in a democratic setting.

“We urge Nigerians especially those resident in Oyo state to keep hope alive and continue to support the state government in order to consolidate on the already recorded success in order to achieve greater feats.” The statement reads.

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