Commissioners List: Security Background Checks Cause of Delay – Oyo State PDP Publicity Secretary


By Odeh Henry





The publicity Secretary of PDP in Oyo state, Engineer Akeem Olatunji has affirmed that the minor delay in constituting the state government cabinet is due to security background check on all commissioner nominees. This statement was made while reacting to questions from Sunrise Bulletin news correspondent at the Oyo state House of Assembly after the plenary today. The Oyo state PDP spokesman stated that speaking in his capacity as the spokeman of PDP in Oyo state he can affirm that the list of nominees for commissionership is ready but it has to follow due process of going through security background checks. He noted that the process of constituting a cabinet goes beyond generating names of qualified and competent hands, “it has to go through certain processes”. He stressed that governor Seyi Makinde has zero tolerance for  corruption and has shown that in many ways including public declaration of his assets.


He said “We as a party wants to use this opportunity given to us at the last general election by the good people of Oyo state, to showcase our stock as a party in government, also, governor Seyi Makinde as a man of unquestionable character and records can not parade people that we can not vouch for either as a party or as government in power hence, the need for background check on all commissioner nominees by necessary authorities”.


“You can even see that the governor has made his appointments merit based, which is why we have politicians and non politicians alike taking up different portfolios in this administration, this is an attestation to the governor’s commitment to his promise of an all inclusive government in the state, you will recall that the last administration expended the first four years of its administration on political settlements by appointing associates and friends, family friends etc. who could not give cohession that could give balance to government hence, the shambolic trial and error approach that permeates their first term of four years at the detriment of the people of Oyo state”.


When pressed further on the state of the preelection coalition to which PDP, ADC, ZLP and SDP are party to, Engr. Olatunji said “nothing has changed in terms of the relationship and collectiveness of purpose because it is all about collective desire to serve the state and make her great again.”


Reacting to responses of some appointees of the last administration over unlawful possession of state  government vehicles that have since been recovered, he said “it is true that the said vehicles have been recovered after serious pressure was mounted on them because they never intended to hand them over, unfortunately, of the 14 vehicles recovered, only one is in a manageable condition, the other 13 are in an unusable condition, we need to speak out and inform the people that gave us this mandate of the amount of rot we met on ground.”

He therefore, implore all the people of Oyo state to continue to support the current administration in its herculean task of repositioning the state to an acceptable and enviable height.

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