Chiloe Concierge launches website for African clients


One of the world’s foremost travel and tour burden bearing outfits based in the UK,   Chiloé Concierge, has launched an interactive website- for visitors, travellers and business-minded   Africans who want tasks to be performed and accomplished in the UK without heaping the stress on self.

“ It is a website which enables you a vista into   how  we can  help you to maximize your time, enjoy the luxury of lifestyle, arrange your meeting, get you whatever your desire is  with a touch of luxury, perfection, precision and befitting “ ,  Miss  Amada Ushedo, revealed.

Miss Amada Ushedo, CEO, Chiloe Concierge, during the public presentation of the website revealed that “ ‘‘We are launching our website: into the portal of global reference  for the benefits of all and particularly for the use of Africans who have many  specific  and must achieve tasks  to accomplish in the UK within a certain time frame. It is a very interactive website where we in the UK can interact personally with any African, no matter the country. It is a platform where details of assignment to be carried out can be offered and smoothly monitored and assessed.’’

She said, “The website is to offer a platform of seamless engagement and point of commencing a personalised relationship between Africans who have  a lot to do in the UK and who need an executive assistant to effectively and promptly achieve all without wearing himself or herself out.’’

Amada revealed, “The website holds a lot in stock for you. It, in sequential order, exposes the benefits which top officials, the executive class, VIPs and top government delegations visiting the UK can derive from Chiloe Concierge.’’

She pointed out: “chiloé takes care of the things that you have to do so that you can spend your precious time doing the things that you WANT to do. For a luxury, reliable, discreet and customised service. Our business is to ensure you make use of time appropriately by helping you to ensure equitable and rewarding deals in lifestyle maintenance, exciting travel experience by finding you premium deals for all types of travel needs from luxury Caribbean Island packages, to executive business trips, not forgetting hotel bookings, local transportation and more, including corporate handling of your seminar in the UK, placing your wards in reputable schools and we also enjoy running the errands for you. All we do and how we can help you crystallize your desires and dreams of visiting the UK are found by clicking

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