Carton Waste Recyclers Lament, Says Chinese, Indian Firms, Sabotaging ‘Waste To Wealth’ Initiatives


By Henry Odeh



….seeks government collaboration on establishment of waste stations



An association of waste recyclers known as Association of Carton Waste Recycling Dealers of Nigeria has lamented how Chinese and Indian firms are sabotaging efforts of local operators and almost frustrating some out of business.

The Oyo state chairman of the association, Mr Abdulrasheed Ibrahim Ademola, who disclosed this to in a press chat on Wednesday explained that if urgent and deliberate move is not taken by government the ‘waste to wealth initiative’ of Oyo state government in particular may not be successful.

Mr Ademola decried how the Chinese and Indian firms flout laws restraining expatriates from competing with local recyclers in outsourcing carton and paper wastes and focusing mainly on recycling activities.

He maintained that the association which was birthed in 2017 is backed by both the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) as employers of labour.

“Some foreigners came into the country with the aim of venturing into outsourcing carton and paper waste materials by themselves meanwhile it is we Nigerians that should ordinarily supply them the waste materials.

“There is an executive order from the federal government that any foreigner coming into the country for any kind of recycling should focus mainly on recycling and not outsourcing the waste materials by themselves.

“We have a registered national association with state chapters across all the 36 States of the federation and duly backed by both the NLC and TUC.

“We are employers of labour and our motto is ‘waste to wealth’ so if government does not stop these foreigners from exploiting and frustrating us by cheating us with outrageous percentages charged on waste materials supplied.

“Government can build waste stations for us and all these dump sites can be well managed, as I speak with you I have over twenty persons working directly under me so, government must act fast before these foreigners frustrate its efforts on creating wealth out of wastes.”

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