Lawmaker representing Ibadan North Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives and Accord Candidate, Honourable Abiodun Dada Awoleye has called on all indigenes of Ibadan to shun political vandalism in lieu of the 2019 general elections.

He made this call while delivering his keynote speech at the annual conference of the Ibadan Descendants Union (ID) University of Ibadan, The Polytechnic Ibadan which he chaired on Wednesday.  Awoleye warned all politicians not to instigating the people against one another.

“2019 is just by the corner, electoral campaigns are getting more serious and our newspaper pages are featuring more political tantrums and propaganda. All political leaders must be cautious what they instigate their followers to do irrespective of desired political gains.

The welfare of the citizenry should override all political activities,” Awoleye said.  The lawmaker added: “Good people of Ibadan, in lieu of the fast-approaching general elections, we must shun all forms of political thuggery and vandalism. We must vigilantly work together with security agencies to protect our lives and properties.

The very greedy ones among us politicians have started restocking their arsenals with illegal arms and ammunition. And they have started recruiting brigands from among our children. It is instructive to avoid being instrumental to the disturbance of peace and tranquility in this state.”

Finally, Honourable Abiodun Dada Awoleye charged: “We, the indigenes of Ibadan must continue to uphold the glory of this historic city. Our founding fathers built the walls of this city with their blood and sweat. Look around you, the historical heritage of Ibadan is boldly imprinted on the numerous effigies in the city and in the hearts of the patriotic  descendants of Ibadan forefathers.”

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