BBC Recognises Nigerian Elizabeth Kperrun As A Unique Inovator


The BBC  recently recognized and interviewed Elizabeth Kperrun of Zenafri Nigeria as a unique innovator.


Zenafri creates educational apps for Nigeria and African kids using African culture and languages like Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba and Swahili


Using apps to educate African children


A mobile app developer in Nigeria is trying to help preserve African folk tales and educate children at the same time.


ZenAfri has developed a series of educational apps designed to teach children to speak local languages and pass on well-known oral traditions.


“With the increasing globalisation of the world, we find that our kids have more access to Western things, rather than African or indiginous things,” ZenAfri’s chief executive Elizabeth Kperrun told the BBC.


“We’re trying to make them see that our culture is also relevant.”

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