Let there be light is one of the first commands of God the Almighty and therefore that the people of Michika, Magdagali Local Government Areas and across the state should have electric power should come as no surprise when Governor Fintiri came up with the rural electrification of the state as a prerequisite, a cardinal one in the state.

In the face of daring challenges that demand immediate resolution, electric power is a factor of maintaining health and the wellbeing of human beings.It preserves food,drugs thereby saving a lot of loses that could be incurred on a daily basis that has a damaging effect on the national economy. Undeterred the government of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has done all possible to take the hydra-headed beast that bedevils the national economy and has forged ahead to cow the problem of the state and challenge the food problem and at the same time tackle other infrastructural issues that might crop up later. Only those outside the state or traducers fail to see what is done compared to events in other states.

In a state ravaged by the insurgency occasioned by the Boko Haram carnage ,it is incumbent on the government of Adamawa state to address pressing issues that border on people that have suffered lack of electricity,poor water supply and damaged roads. Gradually this problem is being addressed.

On the last lap ,the problem of Electric power has come to the fore. Electric power that has hitherto failed to reach many communities has now been made a priority and will soon be restored so that such communities will enjoy the lease of life.

Adamawa as a state over the past one year has baffled many, kept the keel and paid salaries on time and kept the government running in trying time like this.

Too much can not be said about the lowest revenue earners that has managed the travails of insurgency(external), herders/farmers conflict and other tribal skirmishes. Added to these are the problems of political distractions occasion by politically inclined people whose aim is to cause an unfavorable climate so as to enhance political gains by creating disharmony in the State.

The government of Adamawa state remains unperturbed as it continues to do what is proper .It will do all possible to provide roads,provide water,provide electricity and do as much as it promised and even more within available resources.

Gradually,the people of Adamawa that have been ravaged by vandalism and denied the benefits of normal Electric power will heave a high relief as the warm touch of Governor Fintiri’s government reaches out to them to give them succor that modern day civilization grants people that ensures normal life for them.

Even in hard times like this,there are governments that go beyond the basis to do what the people want.

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