Anambra: Keke Marwa Rider blessed with a Quintuplet.

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Mr Abuchi Or on a commercial tricyclist (Keke Marwa), rider and his wife has been blessed quintuplets, the five babies were delivered last Thursday in a private hospital in Anambra State.

Mrs Odoh, 30, a tailor in training was delivered of the quintuplets, four males and one female, through caesarean surgery at God’s Mercy Maternity Home, Obiuno Otolo, Nnewi, Anambra State. She said she was actually suspecting that it would not be a single birth because of how heavy she felt during the pregnancy.

Prior to the birth of the quintuplicate, she previously had three girls delivered in single birth and a set of triplets, all boys, though two of the boys later died, one year and three months after they were delivered.

Reacting to the latest arrivals into his family, Mr Odoh, said he never bargained for quintuplets as he was still battling to feed his family, given his meagre income.

When he was told that his wife had given birth to five babies, 40-year-old Odoh, a native of Okparigbovoko Nsukka in Enugu State said that he wanted to run away from the responsibility of taking care of the five babies not because he did not appreciate the blessing but because he did not know where to start from to raise money to handle the crisis.

On his feelings about the mixed blessings, he said:

“I’m a Keke rider. The keke is my own but it is very old. I never expected that my wife would deliver quintuplets. In fact, I was expecting one baby and that was my prayer.

I don’t have means to take care of one in addition to the number we have already let alone additional five babies at a go. I’m shocked.

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