As a law abiding group of Adamawa citizens we want to address you about worrisome events in our state,particularly issues concerning activities involving police arrests of innocent people purportedly involved in the aftermath of the supplementary elections following Yunusa Hudu’s bungling of the process that almost culminated in total breakdown down of law and order.

The dispicable conduct of Hudu and the collaboration of Aisha Dahiru Binani in trying to stage a coup and deny the people of Adamawa a government of their choice seems to be receiving less attention than it should. In a glaring case of felony,misrepresentation of facts and total disregard to the requirements of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The police, the DSS and other security agencies have show little or no interest in bringing the suspects to book but have embarked on witch-hunting concerned citizens that showed interest in salvaging a bad situation created by Hudu when innocent people were mistaken for the fugitive culprit Hudu who was shielded in escaping from the law by those that should have arrested him.

On this issue ,we demand that those that helped him to escape be brought to book. In this case,the DSS,Nigeria Police and Civil Defence authorities that aided him should be made to produce the culprit,Hudu. Hudu could not have disappeared from these agencies that escorted him but up till date could not account for his whereabouts. These accomplices should tell Nigerians,which plane he boarded and where it flew to . Yola International Airport Authorities should supply the destination the plane logged in to fly to while the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency should furnish the details of what direction the plane took of to.

Aishatu Dahiru Binani’s criminal acceptance of a clear fraud in collaboration with a mercenary NTA crew that was ready at hand and aired it live should be prosecuted and punished.

We also want to make it clear that the security services must do all possible to expose some of their personnel whose activities are compromising the services. The issue of stupendous amounts shared out to them should be thoroughly investigated and punished.

The issue of selective arrest as is being carried out by the DSS ans the police is questionable as most of those arrested are members of the PDP that have no direct links to what happened to the commissioners mistaken for the culprit, Hudu. Even a case of sympathising with one of the victims has been portrayed as evidence of culpability.

A lot of things need to be addressed. For one,the continuous role of the service chiefs without being answersarable to the Chief Security Officer of the state reeks of complicity between the service chiefs whose inactions of not arresting known offenders has kept citizens wondering on what is amiss. Why should only people close to the winner of the election be the ones arrested? This brings to question the neutrality of the chiefs in the affair and their actions as efforts to conceal their suspicious role in the attempt to miscarry justice.

It is a well known fact that fugitive Hudu could not have made it out of Yola without the support of accessory criminals. The continuous flight of Hudu and inability of the people that escorted him to an unknown destination is an act of criminality that is being toyed with. If the world is to take us seriously,law enforcement agents should not be seen as abettors of crime they are supposed to be fighting. They should also not be seen trying to victimise citizens that stand against injustice.

In a same society,the very top of the service should suspend them ,initiate investigations over their complicity in the affair and take disciplinary action against them and hand them over for criminal prosecution. Anything short of this is injustice.

Another annoying aspect is that,the suspects in this case of felony are allowed to superintend the investigation in which they are a party. It is baffling that it has not been deemed fit to make room for fresh people look into the issue. That is why instead of pursuing recognized suspects,they are casting the spotlight elsewhere as a diversion.

It is strange that flimsy accusation by APC members are taken more seriously than real criminal cases. From the outset,the Police,DSS and Civil Defence authorities in Adamawa state appear to have been haunting the governor and his aides.

On election day,the governor’s situation room was stormed in a commando like style. Binani was a spectator to the affair. How she became a spectator was not by chance,she was part of the operatiom. If anything incriminating had been found they would have nailed Fintiri.

They made accusations about the commissioners from Abuja visiting Government House Yola,ostensibly to aide Fintiri. Can there be a secret from the DSS about who enters Government House? Now that they claim the professor was manhandled by Fintiri’s aides,it should only mean that Fintiri’s aides do not know them otherwise they would not have beaten their own.

On the Deputy Director of the DSS,one can only guess what he went to City Green Hotel to do. Who was he supposed to see there?Who was he supposed arrest there? His appearance there should be questioned. For all purposes,Hudu has been out of Yola when he went there.

In fact,all the security chiefs In Adamawa have questions to answer. They should be made to produce Hudu and account for where he disappeared to and what he was doing all along. If they cannot account for an important person like that in their custody ,they should be sacked.

Nigeria cannot afford to maintain incompetent officers that cannot effectively discharge their duties,protect the laws of the land and act honorably.

We therefore of the Admamwa Concerned Citizens for Justice and Peace wish to demand that that :

1. The security Chiefs should forthwith stop selective arrests and victimization of the opposition PDP members.

2. Unconditional release of those innocently arrested

3.pursue with vigour and arrest those criminal characters who abetted Hudu in his criminal act of falsifying the election result.

4.An immigrant explanation as to how Hudu escaped/ disappeared and punish all those that facilitated the act.

5. Ensure the acts of the Security agencies under the suspect officer that almost cause a total breakdown of law and order out of the operational field so that they don’t interfere with the investigations to be held.

We wish to assert our position of remaining committed to peace. It is our wish that all measures will be taken to put things in the right perspectives and ensure peace and concord in Adamawa State.

Thank You


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