Alaafin Writes Fayemi, Warns Governor Against Treating Yoruba Tradition With Levity (SEE LETTER) to


By Henry Odeh


The Alaafin of Oyo, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III, has written a letter of caution to the executive governor of Ekiti state, Dr Kayode Fayemi over the unfolding event regarding traditional institution and ridership in Ekiti state.

The paramount king noted that the traditional institution in Yoruba land is sacred and beyond mundane stressing that it must be well protected as traditional rulers are representatives of the gods and ancestors.

Iku Baba Yeye therefore, warned governor Fayemi against treating the institution and transitional rulers in the state with levity in order to avoid importation of foreign cultures capable of degrading the yoruba culture that has been in existence from time immemorial.

The letter reads in part: “To some races, nothing outside the mundane is attached to their Traditional Institution. Whereas, that of Yoruba is beyond the mundane as it is also ancestral and spiritual. The Yoruba Oba is the representative of the ancestors, the real owners of the land or ground.

“It is on this basis that we will advise against any attempt to treat traditional institution in Yoruba Land with levity and to avoid any attempt of importing any subculture of traditional degradation into Yoruba Land.


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