Ajimobi’s Achievement Claims An Insult To The Masses- Seyi Makinde


The PDP gubernatorial candidate in oyo state, Engr Seyi Makinde has said that a government that owes a  backlog of over N40bn should not celebrate the payment of N1.68bn to workers in 8 years: otherwise, it can be accused of celebrating failure.

In a statement from his campaign office and signed by Prince Dotun Oyelade, the PDP candidate who made reference to a paid advertisement in a national daily said that the advertisement was a waste of tax payers’ money because majority of the achievements claimed in the publication were couched in falsehood.

How can a government celebrate  the diversion of all it’s federal allocation in 8 years to the payment of workers salary alone and still manage to owe primary school teachers over N40bn and still leave the salaries of all the seven tertiary Institutions’ striking workers unpaid for up to 10 months.
In any case, Engr Makinde said, only a government that has little to show for it will brandish payment of workers salaries and wages as an achievement and make it a campaign issue. Workers salaries are mandatory and a foregone right.

Engr. Seyi Makinde PDP governorship candidate

On the claim of the Ajimobi administration that it has increased car loan to N500,000, and housing loan to N2m, Makinde said that there is nothing special in these because succeeding administrations have had to review upward following the inflationary trend of the period.

Car loans, he observed rose from 20,000, to 40,000, to 200,000 at different periods in the last thirty years.

Makinde also took up the out-going Administration on it’s claim that it

employed 7000 teachers in 8 years when in actual fact,over 12,000 workers were sacked while court rulings were flagrantly disobeyed.

The PDP candidate said he observed that wisely, government did not include construction of roads as one of its achievements because it knew that 80% of vital rural roads that would benefit farmers and rural dwellers were neglected and sacrificed for the few urban roads under construction.

He said that  anyone who insists in following this legacy will be roundly defeated in the coming elections

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