Ajimobi Left Oyo State Almost Bankrupt, Mankinde’s Seven Month Better Than Last 8Years — Oyo PDP


By Henry Odeh     The Oyo state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has fired a hot shot at the last administration under former governor Abiola Ajimobi, describing the last years as “holocaust years.” The Oyo state PDP made this statement in reaction to a statement credited to the defunct ALGON alleging that governor Makinde has done nothing more than commissioning Ajimobi’s projects within the last seven months of the present administration. Engr. Akeem Olatunji, the Oyo state PDP publicity secretary while having a chat with Sunrise Bulletin correspondent on Friday in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, stated that it was unfortunate that the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo state has no remorse for the pain and anguish it unleashed on the people throughout its eight years of misrule adding that that political achievements has gone beyond media fireworks advising the opposition to take a tour of the state and feel people’s excitement and sense of pride restored by governor Mankind’s administration and compare with the last eight years of terror under APC led government. Engr Olatunji added that it was very clear from the onset of the present administration under the leadership of governor Makinde that the governor made it clear to complete most abandoned projects scattered across the state before embarking on new ones instead of following the same path of the last administration under former governor Ajimobi by being prudent with the scarce resources. He stated further that Ajimobi’s administration was the worst in terms of education, workers welfare, healthcare services economy and critical infrastructures in the state noting that it was the silent pain of the masses that translated into the monumental electoral disgrace in the 2019 governorship election in which the entire state rose against APC with one voice. The PDP spokesman noted that if Ajimobi/APC led administration had been able to solve at least one major problem facing the state throughout its eight years in office, governor Makinde’s administration would not be so overwhelmed by the rot in the system which he (governor Makinde) has been able to the process of what he described as systemic cleansing. Engr Olatunji however advised the defunct Oyo ALGON led by its front man to desist from creating unnecessary distractions using smear campaign and deliberate misrepresentation of fact aimed at derailing the unsuspecting members of the public in a desperate move to garner public sympathy. He said that no amount of media fireworks by the Oyo state APC would distract the PDP led administration under governor Seyi Makinde as the present administration is seriously committed to fulfilling its electoral promises to the people noting that the a visually impaired person can feel the freshness of a new bliss in the state already and any attempt to return the state back to the Ajimobi era will be resisted through the ballots many times over. He said “former governor Ajimobi left Oyo state in decay, in shambles, in a terrible financial mess, I mean he practically depleted Oyo state treasury and made the state almost bankrupt just within eight unforgettable years of terror. “APC should be remorseful enough to publicly apologise to the good people of Oyo state who were helplessly plunged into unspeakable hardship and pain under the immediate past administration. “If we decide to just ignore them as people brooding from their irreversible loss they will continue to attempt to mislead the unsuspecting members of the public, you see as far as we in PDP are concerned, this is not politics, this is pure governance and if they actually did what they claimed they did for the state then the people would have voted for their party since it would have been for the greater good of the state. “Our elders used to say (in yoruba parlance) “won o fe o nilu oun da’rin, tani o ba o gbe? (which translates; you are not welcomed in the community you’re still singing, who would join you to sing?), that is the case of APC they are still not remorseful and apologetic to Oyo state people that is why you see them still parading themselves. “Oyo State people have tasted from the dark days of APC in Oyo state and you can be rest assured we are never going that path never again. “I challenge you journalists too to go into town and hear from the people themselves I mean it is absolutely none comparable, APC administration between 2011 and 2019 in Oyo state was a dark era in our collective history.”

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