Adamawa APC Crumbling  Like  A Cookie By  George Kushi


Adamawa APC Crumbling  Like  A Cookie By  George Kushi

At last Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has been vindicated over his much publicised pronouncement that the APC has ceased to exist in Adamawa State. “APC a Adamawa mun kashe ta” he once thundered!

The confirmation came in the form of an interview with Voice Of Arewa by Hon. Ahmad Lawan,the former Organising Secretary of the party and once contender of the office of APC state Chairman.
In the interview Ahmed Lawan who was a core member of the executive council an a party chieftain dropped a bombshell exposing the fact that the party is in total disarray.

The APC according to him is at the moment lacking in leadership as exemplified by the current EXCO’s inability to run the breakaway components of the party in the state. His pronouncements about the state of the party portrays the image of a sinking ship in which all on board will have to swim individually to save their political lives.

Touching on the decision of the senator from Adamawa North to take sides against the party’s choice of a running mate on a Muslim-Muslim ticket for the Presidential candidate, the APC’s position in Adamawa has become precarious. It has now become clear APC is clinically dead in Adamawa State.

The inability of the party to organise itself is evident given the fact that the state chairman of the party is at loggerheads with many crucial members of the party in the state.

Ahmed Lawan went further to assert that at the regional level,the Zonal Vice Chairman of the party is playing no positive role as the party lies prostrate. This is further accentuated by the fact that the losers the executive council elections as well as the nominations that both ended in rancour have remained undecided as none of the aggrieved have been invited for reconciliation so as to resuscitate the party in the throes of death.

According to Ahmad Lawan ,the insecurity in the party has made many members to decamp to other parties. As the numbers of decampees increased and the imminent collapse of the party becam manifest as the PDP made a harvest from unexpected quarters.

The current situation of the APC is that court cases that abound,court cases that might as well be a post mortem on a once potent party. If the party is not biologically dead,it sure needs a miracle to breath well for the next one year by which time elections would have been long over.

The fact is that as things are today,Fintiri saw the demise of the party in Adamawa state. The party has no future as Ahmadu Fintiri has buried it beneath the monumental edifices he built and in epithets that words cannot describe.

The message has been passed by one that should;the former Organising Secretary and Chairmanship Aspirant of the party in the state Coming from the horses mouth the issue is not in dispute.

Let it be proclaimed on the high places in Adamawa state; the APC in Adamawa is in it’s dying throes as posited by Fintiri Gwamnan Talakawa!!!

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